The guys of one direction are vampires the two girlfriends of Zayn and Niall are also vampires, Luna and Calico. But, Luna has a fight going on inside of her a fight no one can win.


3. Lamb becomes a Lion

My name is Luna, Luna Bousqet. I remember waking up feeling stronger and looking into a pair of fiery red eyes. His skin is pale-tan. I sit up. "Lay down. You'll get hurt." he says. "What happened?" I ask, confused. "Nothing. I was just waiting for you to wake up. I uh... Have to go." He says mysteriously. I stand up, "You aren't going anywhere until you tell me what the hell is going on!" I scream into his face. He laughs and says "You're stubborn aren't you?" I reply, "I hear that alot. Now tell me what the fuck is going on!" He says carefully, "Stop stressing yourself!" Then I see two sharp teeth barely poking out of his lips. I panic and start to back away cautiously. "No use," He gestures, "You're one too." "No you're lying!" I raise my voice at him. "Listen, if your going to go out there being what you are, your going to kill people and not even realize it. At least acknowledge what you are now." He says calmly. I look at his eyes again and this time they were orange. "Why me?" I ask. "Did you want to die?" He plainly states. "No!" I protest. "Well that's why," He replies "I must leave now." I want to rip open his neck, this evil monster. "What? Are you goingto just leave me here?" I ask. "Yes, I'll be back later, or never." He mysteriously responds. l charge at him in anger, wanting to know more about what is happening. But when my arms come in contact with his chest, he doesn't move. "Red eyes" He says to himself. "Huh?" I ask. He doesn't reply, instead, he just smirks playfully at my fury. He throws me off of him and dusts his tuxedo. He is very calm and collected, more like, sophisticated. "Heh, don't die." He murmurs as he walks away. I stand there with my hands on my hips, in absolute disgust. How could someone so alluring be so rude? And rude enough to make me one of his own? I shake my head in disgust. Then, he peers over his shoulder, and I feel an automatic obligation to join him. Should I?
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