The guys of one direction are vampires the two girlfriends of Zayn and Niall are also vampires, Luna and Calico. But, Luna has a fight going on inside of her a fight no one can win.


2. Evil Becomes

He acts swiftly on the poor little boy as he grabs his neck with his razor sharp nails. He lets out a weak cry, and I faintly hear, "mummy" as he drags him to the ground. My name is Calico Dalton, and that I am sure of. Most of my life I am not sure of anything other than I was trained to be the top vampire killer. It sounds cheesy, like some old book written for children, but it's true. My father has sent me out here with a rifle, and I plan to take this savage beast down. Aiming the gun right at his neck, I cock the heavy rifle. His head turns as I try to hide behind the shrubs. He is too quick. He is up within a second, burning holes in my eyes as he peers with his red ones. He is deadly, looking like he came straight from hell. I lift up my rifle and relentlessly shoot in panic, hoping it would kill his cold body. He falls to the ground in a heap. I waddle over, having been pricked by the thorn bush I was taking cover behind. He is lying on the ground, eyes open wide. He doesn't move at all, so I assume he is dead. My job as the hunter is to drag the lifeless body back to my father's den, where he pulls their teeth out for evidence in a trial of who killed the children. I kneel beside him and smile, now that the hard part is done, lets get him over to the shed. I reach over to pull his wrist, but his eyes blink and his arm is piercing my own. It's a trap. He smirks as if he has another Thanksgiving meal prepared for him. My instincts kick in as I knee him in the jaw. I feel his grip get stronger as he pulls me onto the dirt. My shoulder lands on a rock, and I squeal helplessly in pain. My good arm, as if it has a life of its own, yields a shiny butchers knife, a good weapon for sudden attack. Then, without any warning, he bites into my tender and vulnerable neck. The world goes dark, but I am still conscious. There is no pain, absolutely nothing. The venom paralyzes me. When he's done, i immediately grab the wound. It bleeds heavily, and soon I am left in a pool of blood. With all the strength I can, I throw the butchers knife at him. It misses and falls in the thorn bush not too far away. According to something my father had told me when I was young, I push on the bite, pressing the venom deeper into my body. There is no turning back, but this will save my life, even if I have to live as a cursed vampire. The legend states that if you are bitten, it doesn't mean you are a vampire, it means that the venom lingers on your skin, but once you push it in, you are one. An electric shock shoots through my body and gives me a huge burst of energy. I hop to my feet and speed over to where the knife landed. The beast is watching me from a distance, waiting for me to die. I grab the knife's thick handle and defensevly hold it over my stomach. With the rage of a grizzly bear's mother, and the power of a fully loaded freight train, I charge over to him. He ducks, so I trip right over him. I do a somersault, unknown since before I was bitten, and land on my feet gracefully. I heave the knife at him, but he is too busy staring at the blood streaming from my neck. It jabs it's way into his torso, as he drops to the ground. His black hair and red eyes fade, unlike before when I had thought I shot him. I slowly pull the knife out, hoping the blood wont pour. It gushes out of the wound. Then, a huge dark cloud hovers above us. It dissipates into the nearby air, leaving my new vampire body, and this vampire's old body. But then, as I am about to try to pick him up, his injury closes, leaving dry black blood on his chest. I tear his soaking shirt off and stare at the non-existent wound. My mouth gapes open in surprise. His eyes suddenly flutter open as I witness he is alive. I fall back in fear, what is going on? I catch a glimpse of his golden eyes, GOLDEN? His chest heaves up and down as he struggles for a breath. I back away slowly and witness this miracle, not on my behalf. He props himself up on his elbows and looks around, panicked. His dark brown hair is matted and pressed against his sweaty forehead. He coughs and little drops of blood spray out. He lets out a small moan of pain, probably from the blow of my knee to his jaw. His eyes wander, but then focus on my bloody body. I stand wide-eyed and am breathing fast. He gasps at the sight of me, and gets up towards me. I squeal and dash away, but his strong arms wrap around my torso. "LET ME GO BASTARD!" His chin quivers and he bites his lip. He is going to bite me again. I twist my legs around to the back of his knees, and pull. He falls to his knees but quickly grabs for me. Then, my neck throbs. I scream at the top of my lungs. I have never experienced something as painful as this. He rushes over to me, laying on the ground. He loudly speaks, "I am so sorry I bit you!" I ignore him and continue to screech in pain. He licks his finger, and lays it gently on my red coated neck. I feel it tingle, then I don't feel pain. I try to touch it, but he stops me. His voice comes down to a whisper. "Don't touch, it's healing" my eyes become heavy, but I refuse to sleep, for I'm vulnerable in this state. I look into his yellow-gold eyes as they dart from mine to my neck. He places his arm under the top of my back, and cups my face with his hand. I give in to his warmth, which is very cold, but I realize we are the same temperature. His eyebrows furrow, as he looks on in fear. He looks down to his lap. My eyes follow his, but when he looks up, they are a dark shade of orange. He whispers a faint, "I'm sorry" before laying me down onto the cold ground. I try to get up and follow him, but my body doesn't allow me to. Then, collecting all the pain and strength, I pull myself to my feet, and run over to him. "Who are you?" I manage to say. He turns around, "STOP! Lay down, you'll be fine, you won't die, but I must leave you alone before the demon captures me again. Then I will be certain to kill you." I answer almost immediately, "What demon? Don't leave me here alone, I WILL die on my own!" He shakes his head in disagreement, "No you won't, you've shown me you can beat me at my strongest time, and that you are able to survive." I push him to the ground. "Explain to me EVERYTHING I need to know." Instead of attacking back, he pats to the patch of moss next to him. "Come sit"
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