The guys of one direction are vampires the two girlfriends of Zayn and Niall are also vampires, Luna and Calico. But, Luna has a fight going on inside of her a fight no one can win.


1. On the brink of death

As I window shop in town in November of 1912, I peer into the glass of a new "Flawless Fur" shoppe. I hear someone cough behind me, and before I know it, something reaches over my shoulder and covers my mouth. It's strong arm yanks me back onto the snowy-white bricks of the town square. The force makes me fall hard on my back. I realize I am being dragged into a dark ally. I am hit over the head over ten times with a long wooden object. A glint of silvery metal catches my eye as it whizzes above my head. Then it's followed by a faint clicking sound. I feel a sharp pain in my side before I hear the pop of the 54 Calliber. I get a wiff of my attackers breath, which is scented with a heavy alcoholic smell. His face comes close to mine as I stare into his icy blue eyes. he whispers into my fearful face, "Dont you learn not to fight back bitch?" he smirks. I feel my fur purse being yanked out of my strong grip. A wave of sharp pain shoots through my body, reminding me I have been shot in the stomach. One arm in front of me, I army-crawl away from the man. He runs away like a coward with my mink purse. I weakly crawl into the woods behind the small shoppe, leaving a fresh trail of blood flowing like a river. I finally rest on a dry heap of leaves, in defeat. The cold November air hits my face as I drift into an injury induced coma.
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