Love Me Forever And Always.

Evelyn was just an ordinary 18 year old girl who had life problems, she always argued with her parents and got into fights with girls at her school. One day she just couldn't take it anymore so she decided she would leave her house. What will happen when she runs into One Direction's very own Zayn Malik? Will she fall for him? Will he fall for her? Read the story to find out!(: (Trust me the story is better!)


2. Home problems.

I was walking home and I couldn't stop thinking about what happened in school. It got me so mad!!! But I tried to ignore it. When I got home I decided I would get on my Laptop and check twitter. "Nothing new." I said being all bored. I turned on the tv to see what was on. "Hmmm...there's nothing on I guess I'll just watch Snooki and Jwoww." I was watching tv when all of a sudden my phone starts buzzing. "Incoming call from: Sophia." Sophia is my best friend in the whole entire world she was like my sister.


"Hey! Where are you? I'm waiting for you so we can go to 2nd period together."

"At home."

"Why? Are you sick?"

"No, it's just because I got into another fight with Ashley."

"Ohhh...well that makes sense, because whenever you get mad you stay mad for the entire day. Haha"


"Hey do you think we can hangout together later at the mall?"

"Yea sure I'll meet you there, at what time though?"

"At 3:00 maybe?"

"Yea sure that sounds good."

"Okay well I gotta go or I'm going to be late for my class. See ya later. Love you. Muahh."

I started laughing because I always thought it was funny when she tried to send kisses through the phone. Then my mom walked in.


"Evelyn!!! Why did you get in a fight at school? And don't try to deny it because your principal called me and told me everything! You should know better you little b*tch that better be the last time I get a call from your school about you getting into trouble.!"


"But mom yo-" she cut me off.


"No excuses young lady! That better be the last frickin' time, and don't say I didn't warn you because I did! Now since you aren't at school where you should be, go do the dishes and clean the table and then when your done with that clean up the living room."


"Whatever." I said rolling my eyes.


"When I get back at 5 o' clock everything I told you to do better be done or else your going to be punished big time!" my mom said to me as she was walking out the door to go some place I don't have a clue of.


"Yea sure whatever." I said to myself, and then I continued to watch tv.

- 4 Hours Later-

I looked at the clock and it was already 2 o' clock. "Man time went by so fast I had no idea it was already 2. If only time went this fast during school." I said to myself as I turned off the tv and went to my room to get ready to go to the mall in an hour. I let my long brown hair fall down since I had it in a messy bun and I could see my hair starting to get wavy. "ughh...I hate my hair so much!" *sigh* "I'll just have to straighten it before I go to the mall." 

- 45 Minutes Later - 

"Ahhh... yes, finally done straightening my hair." I said to myself smiling at the mirror. I looked over at the time and it was already 2:45 pm. I should probably redo my makeup because it looks all gross now. I did my makeup really quick and then grabbed my car keys and headed out to the mall. I got to the mall a little late but I eventually met up with Sophia.


"Hey!" I said to Sophia as I walked up to her.


"Hey Evelyn lets go to Rue21!" Sophia said as she dragged me inside the store. Rue21 was Sophia's and my favorite store at the mall. "Omg! Evelyn I just love these pants will you help me find a shirt to go with it please?"


"Sure I'll help"


"Thank you so much!"


"Hey what do you think about this blue shirt?"


"Omg I love it and I think it will look great with these pants and these high healed shoes I got!"


"Yea! You should go try the outfit on!"


"Okay wait for me because I want your opinion on it"


"okay but don't take long!"


"yea okay whatever. So what do you think?"


"Wow, you look so pretty! I think you should buy it!"


"You really think so?"





We stayed at the mall for about 3 hours and we bought like 5 outfits for each one of us. "This was the most amazing day ever! Don't you think so Evelyn?"


"Yes by far it was! Well I got to go back home see ya at school tomorrow!"


"Okay text me later and you better not skip school tomorrow or your going to be in big trouble missy!"


"Okay, okay fine mom." I said in a sarcastic voice.


"whatever just text me okay Evelyn?! Bye see you tomorrow" Sophia said as she got into her car.


"Alright, bye." I said as I got into my car and drove back home.

When I got home I went to my room and left my shopping bags in my closet. It was 6:10 pm. And I just layed on my bed and I turned on the tv. I decided to watch Scary Movie 3. "Man I love this move so much it's so hilarious" I said laughing really loudly. Then all of a sudden my mom came into my room.


"EVELYN GOMEZ!!! What did I f*ckin' tell you to do when I left?!!?"


"Uhmm... I don't know."


"Well I told you to do your freakin' chores around the house because you didn't go to school!!!"


"Ohh... I'm sorry."


"NO! Sorry doesn't cut it." She said and then she slapped me on my face and she pushed me to the ground and that was when I hit my head on something and dozed off.....

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