Forgetting Your Name</3 *Completed*

Olivia is a girl with a secret from her past. Can she forget or will being a photographer for a big boy band bring it all back.
(a/n This is my first movella srry if its bad)


37. You Have to Tell the Boys

Madisynn kept presurring me to tell the boys in the car. "You have to tell the boys so they can protect you" "But then Ill lose the freedom I have" "But you need to" "Fine Ill tell them but I aint agreeing to any restriction. I already got my door taken off." "Ok Im just glad you will tell them" When we got home I was really scared and nervous. "You ready" Madisynn said "Yeah" We walked in and everyone came and hugged me. "You okay" Louis said "Im fine but I need to you tell you guys something." We went in the living room and sat down. I stood in the front "Well at the funeral when it was over I was cleaning up. I had to use the restroom so I left to do so well my dad was at the funeral too. I thought he left but he didnt and he raped me in the bathroom" I said this starting to cry. Liam came up and hugged me I think he did this because he knew the whole story. I decided to tell them about them the whole story. "Olivia that is terrible" Zayn said and the others were sitting there crying but trying to hide it. "Do you think he will be following you now that he knows you live back here" Liam asked "Im hoping not but I think he is" I answered "You know we are going to have to protect you which means giving you restrictions" Harry said "Noone is giving me any restrictions Im free to do what ever I want" "No we have to" Louis said "I refuse to follow them" "Please Olivia we need to protect you now" Niall said. I swear I was going to hit someone so I decided to get out of there "Where are you going" Zayn yelled "No where of your consern" and I walked out slamming the door behind me. I decided to go to a club to clear my mind of what happened and the possiblities. When I got to the the guard let me right in. I went straight to the bar. "What would like" the bar tender asked "Two shots of the strongest stuff you have please" "Rough night" "Yea" "Well here you go. Hope this helps" "Thanks" I downed the drinks and went to find a guy to dance with. "Hey" a guy said to me "Hey" "You look stunning tonight" "Thanks whats your name" "Luke" "Im Olivia" "Well Olivia would you like to dance" Luke was really cute he had brown eyes and hair wit a small quiff in the front. "Ok" We dancing out on the floor and we were getting pretty hard cord. ''Can I get your number" "Yea" I gave him my number and we kept dancing. Next thing I knew we were making out  in a booth they had in the club. "OLIVA WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!" Zayn came over. "Is that you boyfriend" Luke asked "No just a friend" "Olivia you are coming with me right now" "Whatever! Ill text you later Luke" "No she wont be texting you later Llluke" Zayn pulled me out of the club and to the van where everyone was in. Zayn was furious with me "You are a little slut! I cant believe you were doing stuff with a guy you just met in a club! God you are such a whore and I cant believe I thought you werent" I was crying in the back seat Madisynn was comforting me "Shut up Zayn you dont know how hard this is! You will never understand the pain I fell knowing my dad wants to kill me and rape me!" "That doesnt give you a reason to be a slut! Why dont you just work the corner already" That hurt really bad because I once did that because I thought I wasnt good enough. "Get me out of this car" I screamed "Olivia just calm down" Madisynn said "You know what happened in my past so you  know what ive done before" "I know" Zayn was still yelling stuff at me all the way home and no one stopped him. When we got to the house I lost it ''Thanks for protecting me guys. Thanks for being my "friends" and sticking up for me and being there. Apparently I cant trust you to comfort me cus only Madisynn was there. You are all just a bunch of dicks and liars!'' I screamed at all of them and went to my room. I laid down on my bed and once again cried myself to sleep.

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