Forgetting Your Name</3 *Completed*

Olivia is a girl with a secret from her past. Can she forget or will being a photographer for a big boy band bring it all back.
(a/n This is my first movella srry if its bad)


21. WTF

*Olivia P.O.V*

We headed out to the interview. I was still really upset over the necklace breaking. The interview was pretty boring until I heard my name. "Well your guys new photographer" she said "Olivia" Zayn told the girl. "Yes. Well she seems to getting very cozy with you guys." "I dont know what you mean by cozy." Liam said "Well lets look at some pictures we caught.'' She showed the first pic OMG its the one where me and Louis almost kissed! Then she showed the next one wich was the one where I was with Liam at starbucks and we were laughing. Next came when Harry was pushing me on the swings and when he kissed my elbow. God these people know how to take pictures at the right moment. "Oh dont forget about her friend." She showed a picture of Niall and Madisynn walking hand in hand and then of them kissing. They are so cute it makes me sick. "So who wants to try and explain these" she said "Well me and Madisynn are dating." Niall said  The other boys were quite. The interview was finally over and oh how happy I was. I got some good pics of the boys but I think I took a little too many of just Liam. The car was scary. No one talked to me. No one even acknowledge me. "Stop the van!" I screamed.  Louis stopped the van. I jumped out and said "Obviously you guys dont want me in the van so Im walking." I started walking I heard someone else get out of the van and then it took off. Why are they mad at me! The person that got out also was Liam. "Hey slow down" I sped up. Liam was too fast though he made it right next to me. I was crying "Why are they mad at me" "Because those pictures make you look like a whore." "Wow thanks" "Im sorry I shouldnt of said it like that cus I know that you are not." "I didnt even kiss them. Harry kissed my elbow cus we were joking around aand Louis and I almost kissed but never did. Andd we were just hanging out cus you asked me to." "Olivia that interviewer was an idoit who didnt get her facts right. You are an amazing person." "Thaks Liam" "Im sorry" "For what" "For not believing you. Danielle told me everything and she dumped me." "Wow cus of that picture" "Yeah" "Omg Im so sorry. I never wanted to ruin your guys relationship." "Its alright it was nothing anyways. I also figured out she was cheating on me." "What a bitch." "I know right" Liam said this so girly I laughed. I  think this was the first fun day with Liam in a long time. We headed  the house so I could explain those pictures. "Umm you guys"  I said "yes" they replied "those pictures that you saw didnt have the righrt information. The one with me and Louis well we were about to kiss but never did. And the one with Harry we were just joking around. And liam was when he asked me if I wanted to hangout." "Oh. Im sorry Olivia. I shouldve never got mad at you without knowing the truth." Louis said "Same for me" Zayn agreed "I wasnt mad at you I was more mad at the interviewer" Harry said "I was never mad." Niall said and Madisynn agreed with him. "Lets hug it out then." I saaid. We all group hugged and even Liam was in it which made me happy. I moved back in that night and was happy for doing so.

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