Forgetting Your Name</3 *Completed*

Olivia is a girl with a secret from her past. Can she forget or will being a photographer for a big boy band bring it all back.
(a/n This is my first movella srry if its bad)


47. Swimming!

Ummm..actually.." Liam was saying but was interrupted by Madisynn screaming "Olivia!" "Im coming" I started walking away but then turned around "Liam" "Yeah" "Nothing is happening between me and Harry" I heard him make a sigh of relief as turned back around and started walking toward the kitchen. "What the living hell!" I looked around the kitchen which was covered with eggs and flour. "Ugh you two need to get cleaned up and I will clean YOUR mess up" I said to a also covered with eggs and flour Niall and Madisynn. They ran upstairs and in walked Liam. "What the" He said "I know Niall and Madisynn decided to have a food fight. You think you could help me out?" "Sure" We were cleaning when Louis walked in "Whats going on Nevermind" He said and walked right back out. I laughed. "I was thinking that we all could go swimming after the interview" I said "That sounds fun" We finished cleaning and I told all the boys and Madisynn that we are going swimming after the interview. I got ready and we headed out. The interview was pretty boring. I got some good pictures of the boys. When it was finally over we got back in the van and headed back to the house to go swimming. I ran inside and then was the first one ready. I ran to the pool and sat on one of the chairs. I dont like swimming that much but I love laying out in the sun. All the other boys came running out and jumped right into the pool along with Madisynn. I noticed after a while Zayn wasnt out here. I got up and I heard Harry whistle at me so I turned around and blew him a kiss and winked. Then went to the house and found Zayn laying on his bed listening to music. I went and layed next to him. He looked over at me "Well hello there" He said "Hi" I said back "Why arent you swimming Zaynie" I asked "Cus I cant Olivia" "Well then sit with me by the pool" "Do I have to" "Yup I said and tried to pull him the bed "God why do have to be so strong!" I said and then I fell on top of him. I started laughing "Im such a weakling" We were now just staing into eachothers eyes then out of the blue we kissed. When we stopped I got up and headed out the door. "Well you should um come down to the pool" HE just nodded his head and I left. I cant believe we just kissed even more so I liked it!! I ran out of the house and to the pool area. "Hey girlie" Madisynn said getting out of the pool. "Hi" I said "You should get in'' "Nah Ill stay out for awhile'' "Ok well I gotta pee so bye bye for now" I laughed "Thanks for the info" She laughed too I layed down on my stomach and drifted off to sleep. Next thing I knew I was in the air on someones shoulder. I heard the guy laugh and realized it was Liam. Before I could say anything I was thrown into the water. As soon as I resurfaced I heard a whole bunch of laughing. "Liam James Payne" I yelled "Yes" He said "Im going to murder you!" Then he jumped right in and splashed me. When he resurfaced I tried my hardest to dunk him back under but I was too weak. He aughed at me and then went under and pulled me with him. I then felt a pair of lips crash onto mine. I cant believe I am kissing Liam under the water after I kissed Zayn! Im such a terrible person cus I liked them both! We resurfaced out of breath. "Im sorry. Its just that you looked so irrestible in your bikini and I just Im soo sorry" He said then rushed out of the pool into the house. Well this day was umm interesting. 

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