Forgetting Your Name</3 *Completed*

Olivia is a girl with a secret from her past. Can she forget or will being a photographer for a big boy band bring it all back.
(a/n This is my first movella srry if its bad)


59. Shopping

We piled into the car Liam on one side of me and Zayn on the other. Zayn decided to put his arm around me. I don't know why but I looked over at Liam. He was staring a hole into Zayn's head. I still don't know what is up these two but it always seems to have to do with me. We were all joking around with each other when we heard the music to Kiss You on the radio. Louis turned it up to the point where it seemed the car was jumping. We were dancing crazily and the boys each singing their part. When it came to Zayn's part he sang to me. I gently shoved him and laughed. I took some pictures of them being crazy and then we arrived at the mall. We were all having a good time shopping and when we were going into the last shop of the day I got a call from Grant. "Hello" I said not going into the shop but sitting on a bench outside of it. "Um hello is this Olivia" a female voice said "Yeah. Who is this" "This is Mia. Grant's girlfriend" I was confused. "Did I hear this correctly? You are Grant's girlfriend. Grant has a girlfriend" "Yup. So you need to stop talking to him before I kick your ass, hoe" "Um I have a name and I didn't go to him. He came to me. So maybe you need to have a talk with your little man whore." I hung up and my head into my hands. I felt someone put their arm around me. "Are you okay?" It was Liam. "Yeah I'm fine" I said looking up at him. "No you aren't. You have been crying. Who was on the phone?" "Grant's girlfriend" I said "Why does shit always happen to me" I questioned. He brought me close. I looked up at him and seemed to be holding back tears. "Whats wrong with y...Oh" That's when it hit me. Liam is part of the shit that happened to me. I quickly hugged him. "Liam you are great and don't you forget it." He hugged back "I'm sorry Olivia" "Don't be" He then kissed me on the cheek. "Aww aren't you guys adorable but I'm tired so lets go." Madisynn said. When Niall came and picked her up. She squealed. I jumped up and then pulled Liam up. I held his hand all the way to the car. I was smiling because how warm I felt touching him. 

*a/n: So just thought to ask how many team Liam there are and how many team Zayn we have here:)

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