Forgetting Your Name</3 *Completed*

Olivia is a girl with a secret from her past. Can she forget or will being a photographer for a big boy band bring it all back.
(a/n This is my first movella srry if its bad)


29. Rollerskating

*Olivia's P.O.V*

I was really bored in the house. After I helped Cody unpack we went back downstairs and ate the always delicious food that Madisynn made. Then all of us went into the living rom and watched TV. "Im bored!" I screamed and then a pillow hit me right in the face. "Alright who did it!" No ne fessed up "Alright then you all get it" I went to each one of them I didnt hit them but instead I waited to see who would smirk. I went over to Louis who was smirking and hit him with the pillow. "Dont you ever throw a pillow at me again!" Then I had an idea "We should go rollerskating" I said "We should!" Louis said. The rest of them agreed and we all got ready. I was so excited I used to always go rollerskating with my mom dad and Cody but I didnt get a chance after the divorce."I'm going to race you and beat you just like when we were younger" Cody whispered to me. "Haha you wish you could beat me. You still use the rail in there." I shot back "All talk no action" I laughed "We'll see when we get there" I said. The car ride was ful of people wanting to race and trash talkin eachother. God I love this group. We got to the rollerskating rink and I jumped out of the van to the enterence. I stopped when I got to where we pay and waited for the others. "Just like when we were younger" Cody said to me "Some things never change" I said shrugging my shoulders. When the guys walked in the rink girls were screaming. Cody screamed over them "Is it always like this" "Pretty much" was Harry's response "Hey people hush!" Louis yelled Everyone quietted down. "Thank you. Now Can you guys please keep it down and treat us like normal guys cus we are just trying to hang out with some friend" Liam said The crowd nodded "Alright have fun skating" Niall said. We got on our skates and me and cody went straight to racing. I beat him and he kept falling it was so funny. I looked out on to the rink when I went to get a drink and saw Cody and a girl talking. God he is always checking out girls. I saw Louis having a little trouble. I went over to him. "I see you are better without the skates" I said "Definitly" He responded "Here I'll help you" I hooked arms with him. "Thanks" He said We were skating until he fell dragging me along with him. I fell on top of him. I started laughing "Well this isnt awkward" " I kinda like it" Louis said He kissed me on my cheek and then pushed me off of him and pulled me up. Wait he just...Im confused

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