Forgetting Your Name</3 *Completed*

Olivia is a girl with a secret from her past. Can she forget or will being a photographer for a big boy band bring it all back.
(a/n This is my first movella srry if its bad)


61. Reveled

I woke up still at the meadow and checked my phone. The only messages I had were from Grant. He was saying how sorry he was and crap like that but I was not in the mood for his shit. It sucks knowing my only friends dont really care. I decided to go home and just lay in my room till I think of something to do. When I got home no one was there so I stopped by the kitchen and got something to eat. When I got to my room I looked for something to do. I was looking when I found some dude named Luke. I was confused until I remembered the night I went to the club. I was bored so I decided to text him. Hey this is Olivia the girl from the club-Olivia I put the phone down and turned on the radio and what do you know the boys were on it. They were laughing and having a good time. I started really listening when I heard Liam's boy. I dont think I ever realized it but I really never got over that boy. I was busying day dreaming about Liam when my phone went off. Hey long time since Ive seen you-Luke I know. Sorry about that kinda forgot about you Haha-Olivia Well how about you come out to the club tonight-Luke Sure I dont have anything better to do-Olivia Alrighty see you later then-Luke With that we were done talking. I got ready around 8 and then headed downstairs. I was hoping not to run into anyone but to my luck I ran into Zayn. He just looked at me then walked away though with no big lecture of what I was wearing and asking where Im headed to but I wasnt complaining. I left and walked to the club I went to last time I went out. I walked in and over to the bar and sat in one of the seats. "What can I get for you" the bar tender asked "Oh nothing not in the mood to drink" "Well what has you down" the bar tender seemed country with his little accent. "Oh its just that I feel like the people I care about dont care about me." "What has you thinking that" "Well I got upset with them and ran off and they didnt do anything" "Well not to be in your business or anything but I think they do care about you cus they are leaving you alone to let you take care of what you need." This made a lot of sense "Thank you." I was sitting there having a good chat with the bar tender when Luke came up. "Hey" He said "Oh hey" I said "Have you had any drinks" "Oh no not in the mood" "Aw come on just one" "Really no Im fine" He ordered me a dink anyway "Did you not hear her. She said she didnt one" teh bar tender stood up for me. "Shut up and get the drinks I ordered" Luke said. The bar tender looked at me and I just nodded for him to do so. I only took two sips of the drink Luke ordered for me and he was talking to me but I wasnt really listening. I could only think about how much I wanted to just go home. It was about midnight when I decided to go home. "Luke Im going to go ahead and call it a night." "Really we havent even danced yet" "Please I just want to go home" I got up but Luke grabbed my arm and yanked me back. The bar tender saw this and immediately stopped it. I asked him if he could call me a taxi and walk me out there because of what happened last time I was out late. He did so and I asked for his name "Mark" "Well thank you Mark" I gave him a hug a he helped me into the taxi. The taxi took off and dropped me off at the house. "Thank you" I said and handed some money. I walked into the house and was greeted with some yelling. "Where were you" Louis asked "I was at a club. Okay. I had two sips of one drink and did nothing else. Im not a whore or an alcoholic you guys. I just wanted to do something to get my mind off of what happened yesterday and that was the first thing I thought of." I said then stormed up to my room not wanting to hear what they have to say. After I had been on my laptop looking at pictures for about half an hour did I hear a knock at my door. "Come on in" I shouted and in walked Liam. "Sorry about earlier." "How come you are always the on to come up and say sorry" I sort of laughed. "Because all the other guys agreed that Im the best one for this job" He said with a grin. "Well I forgive all of you guys and Im also very sorry" "Well I think they would forgive you" I dont know why but I asked the strangest question "Do you ever think about us getting back together" He seemed surprised that I asked this but still answered "Of course. Every night since you left and when Zayn told me what you guys did God did it make me so mad that I could never do that cus I ruined it. I ruined my life." To hear him say this made my heart sink. He has wanted to get back with me adn I wanted nothing to do with him. "I love you Liam" I said out of no where. Liam was as shocked as I was but then he simply smiled. "I love you too Olivia" He said and then left. 

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