Forgetting Your Name</3 *Completed*

Olivia is a girl with a secret from her past. Can she forget or will being a photographer for a big boy band bring it all back.
(a/n This is my first movella srry if its bad)


44. Really!?!

*Louis's P.O.V*

I woke up to see everyone in the room except Olivia. "Where's Olivia!! Is she alright is she hurt! Please tell me shes not hurt! Does she think shes did this that this is her fault is she cutting!" I started rambling "LOUIS CALM DOWN" Harry shouted over my rambling "Olivia is fine but she is finding out some shocking news" Liam said "What is it" I asked Liam started to answer but Harry covered his mouth before he could get anything out. He whipspered something in his ear and he nodded. "We are going to wait for the news to came out of Olivia's mouth when she gets back" Liam said I nodded. What could be going on? I am so confused. We waited there having small chat when Olivia walked in. The room grew silent and we waited for her to spit it out "Well I checked the records and.." She said "AND WHAT" I yelled as she was taking forever to say it "Me and Lou are siblings!!" Everyone was cheering except me. I was so confused and a little bit angry. Olivia came over to me. "I know you are just as angry as me and I explain why we were seperated later maybe you should get some rest. You are leaving this dreadful place tomorrow" She said I nodded and everyone left and I fell asleep with many questions going through my mind.

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