Forgetting Your Name</3 *Completed*

Olivia is a girl with a secret from her past. Can she forget or will being a photographer for a big boy band bring it all back.
(a/n This is my first movella srry if its bad)


49. Oh Dear

I looked up to see my employer standing there looking at me very angry. I got up off the ground "Hello Miss Jen" I said with my hand raised for her to shake and she did "Hello Olivia. I see you have made yourself comfortable at their home." "Yes" "Good. I was looking at some of the pictures you have taken of the boys and I need to talk to about one in private." "Alright I'll take to the little photo studio they have." I took her to the studio and then shut the door and locked it. "Alright. Which photo was it I have them ssaved on here." I pulled them up and she scrolled through them "I dont see it but I might have it on my phone." She pulled out her phone and found the picture. It was the one of me and Liam when we were dating "Umm thats an old picture." "Is it really" "Yes" "Well I spoke with mangement and they have agreed to my idea" I was scared of what this idea could be "We want to put you and Liam into a relationship for pubilicity for the guys." "Umm I dont know if thats a good idea. Last time we dated I wanted to chop his head off" "Of course it's a good idea. You start being together tomorow. At an interview the pictures of you two  are going to come up and Liam will explain some stuff abouot it. His manager will explain it to him." "Ok well is that all cus I got to think this through." "Yes. I am leaving have anice day." Miss Jen left me there stunned for the third time today. Liam then came running in then Zayn, Harry, Louis, and finally Madisynn. Wait where's Niall He came in next with some chips "Sorry I was hungry" He said "What do they think they are doing!" Liam yelled "I have no idea! This isnt going to work out. I dont want to be with you. I dont want to lose this friendship I just restored after some long years of forgetting." I rambling Madisynn came next to me as she saw the tears falling. "Itll be fine. You guys dont have to be really toghter just fake it." She said ""I think Liam planned this" Zayn half whipsered from the croner of the room."You really think I would do that! I dont want to be with her Id rather be alone." "Oh really cus looks like you do from my pov'' "Nope I wouldnt be caught dead with her." Liam kept coming out with hatred and I sat there crying "Shut up Right now!" Louis yelled over their bickering "You guys are idiots. Get out of this room and away from Olivia" Louis was screaming they left right away. "That was terrible" Harry said "I have never seen them fight like that before" Niall said concerned "I dont care for all I know is I dont want to see or talk to Liam ever again. He is a liar and a fake who has done all wrong to me and I was too blind to see it." I said "What are you going to do about Zayn." Harry asked "If he apologizes I might but he didnt do much wrong." "Are you going to be alright Olivia" Louis said "Yeah. Thank you for getting them out." "No problem thats what big bros are supposed to do" I hugged him "I love you" I said "I love you too now go get some rest maybe think about the whole thing thats going to happen tomorrow." "Alright. Night you guys." I hugged them all and left for my bed. I cant believe Liam would act like that after he kissed me. I feel stupid that I liked it.

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