Forgetting Your Name</3 *Completed*

Olivia is a girl with a secret from her past. Can she forget or will being a photographer for a big boy band bring it all back.
(a/n This is my first movella srry if its bad)


53. New Boy

"Zayn! Zayn Malik where are you?" I was yelling "Will you shut up Im in my room" I heard him yell back. I ran to his room "Dont you dare tell me to shut up again little boy" I said from his doorway. He just stuck his tongue out at me. I ran and jumped on his bed where he was laying. "what do you want" he asked "well I was just wandering why you and Liam always seem to be fighting" "Well thats none of your damn business" he said seeming angry I asked "It is my damn business because it seems it has something to do with me." "Not everything is about you Olivia" He got up and went into the bathroom "Wow arent you feeling a little like a jerk today." I got up and walked out of the room. Why is he being a jerk like seriously he kisses me and then he turns into a douche. I walked to Madisynn's room to see if she wanted to hang out. "Hey Madisynn you want to hang out today." I walked in the room and saw that she was all dressed up "oh nevermind then I see that you are going out with Niall." ''Im sorry girlie maybe some other time" "Ok" I walked out of the room. I went to see if Liam Louis and Harry wanted to hang out but then I found out they all went out. So it seems like its just me. I decided to go to the park and get some pictures for fun. I walked to the park and found a comfortable place to sit and take pictures. I was taking pictures when I heard a voice next to me. "Stalking on little kids." I looked from my camera to see a tall tan guy with brown wavy hair and brown eyes looking at me. "Yup thats what I do" We laughed. "Grant" He held out his hand "Olivia" I took his hand "May I sit with you" "Be my guest" I scooted over and he took a seat "So are you photographer" "Yeah. I actually take pictures for a big boy band" "Thats cool. May I try a few" "Sure" I handed him my camera and he pointed it at me. I made some silly faces as he snapped some pictures. We were both laghing and then we started taking pictures together. "Awww." He said "What" "I have to go" ''Aww man" "Do you have a phone" "Yeah" "Well here" He wrote his number on my hand "Text me some time." "Alright. Bye Grant" "Bye Olivia" He got up and walked away. I also got up and headed home. I think I might have fallen for Grant.

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