Forgetting Your Name</3 *Completed*

Olivia is a girl with a secret from her past. Can she forget or will being a photographer for a big boy band bring it all back.
(a/n This is my first movella srry if its bad)


18. Hazza

I got up and hung around my hotel room for awhile then got bored. I called Zayn no answer. Weird. I then called Louis no answer Hmm whats going on here I then called Madisynn no answer again. So I called Niall no answer. Ok Im freaked out now. I wasnt going to call Liam till I called one last person. I called Harry and he picked up. "Hey Harry where is everyone no one answered my calls" "Um Zayn is sleeping, Louis is god knows where and forgot his phone and Madisynn and Niall are on a date." "Oh well Im bored. So do you want to hang out" "Haha so Im your last choice." He laughed "No there is still one person behind you" "Right well Ill get ready and you come over here." "Alright Bya" ''Haha Bye" I got ready and headed to the house. I knocked and Harry answered "You ready." I said "Yea where are we going" "Hmm how about Starbucks and then the park." "Yay!" He jumped up and down and started skipping. I laughed and skipped with him. We were arm and arm singing we're off to the wizard when we reached Starbucks. We got up the cashier "Hello welcome to Starbucks." she looked up from what she was doing and went wide eyed. "OMG you are Harry Styles!" "Thats right!" She was totally fangirling and when she was done we ordered some coffee and headed to the park. When the I saw the swings I ran straight to them. Harry ran to them too. I beat him to the swing and told him he had to push me. "Finnnnne" He groaned "Higher daddy higher." I said in a little kid voice. Harry laughed and pushed me super high. "Damn you're strong." "Watch your language young lady." He said I laughed and fell off the swing. "Ow that really hurt." "Aww where does it hurt." "My elbow." I said fake crying. "Aww let daddy see." I showed him and he kissed it "Its better!" I said happily. He laughed. We headed back to the house and everyone was back. Zayn looked angry I dont know why and so did Louis. Weird. Niall and Madisynn werew being all flirty and Liam and Danielle were being annoying. "So who wants to watch a movie" I asked Everyone said yes. "I call sitting next to Olivia." Louis said "Me too!" Zayn screamed I laughed it was as if they were having a war. Harry picked the movie and it was Halloween. I hated this movie it wasnt scary but super bloody and I dont do well with blood. I hid my face in the sweater I was wearing. I felt an arm go around my shoulders I looked up and it was Zayn I looked over at Louis and he was glaring at Zayn. Whats going on with these guys.

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