Short Stories

Hey guys! This is just a collection of short stories that I've written and really loved~ So, I hope you enjoy! :D


2. Where the Orange Fern Grows - Story Two

A lot of things have happened where the orange fern grows. It's the first place I can remember, in my toddler years, and maybe even before. But that's become rather fuzzy now, anyway, so I can't be too sure. And I also remember that, here, my best friend told me she was in love with me. All the poor thing could do was look down- I just had to hug her. Guys like me are just weird like that. We can't express our feeling through words, but we can with actions.

"Just... Punch me if you don't like it." I murmured, and tilted her chin up before I looked into the same, clear blue eyes that always seemed to hold me hostage. And then I kissed her. Well, she kissed me back, and I didn't get a punch in the gut, so that was a bonus.


I had a date with her here, fourty years ago today. We were teasing eachother, throwing food and twigs and such. We had calmed down by the time the sun had begun to set. When she couldn't see, I put my hand in my pocket to touch something and make sure it was there- but it always was.

It was a ring- my deceased mother's ring. It had a gold band, with intricate swirls to form a boarder around the emerald that sat atop it. I had smiled and kissed her on the head, before I suggested, "Come on, lets play a game. Hide and seek. If I don't find you for... Let's say, five minutes, you get a present." Of course, I meant the ring. I was going to propose, after all.

My girl Merida's face immediately lit up. She had loved presents, almost as much as she loved her frizzy red hair. Well, as much as I had loved it. And she would definitely not forget this one.


So, I had begun counting, and I had listened to her footsteps as she giggled and ran a small circle around me, before she ran off into the thicker part of the forest.

Of course, I sat there until my five minutes were up. Only then did I think to get up and look for her. And so, as I trudged through the forest, I looked up and down for her. But I didn't expect what I would see that day.


I could only stare into Merida's lifeless eyes, eyes that had been so full of love for me a second ago. Her face was twisted into a grotesque shape of agony, her mouth open to let out the silent scream that never left her lips. Her blood trickled and was absorbed by the forest's damp floor, as her murderer feasted on her flesh. A grizzly bear sat on it's haunches, satisfied with it's kill.

I don't remember what happened after that, but the bear was dead in the end.


And so, I sat here now where I buried my beloved wife. On her grave lay my mother's beautiful ring, surrounded by millions of sunflowers, which were as bright as her cheery personality. And at the top of her grave was the fern, as red and vibrant as her hair.

A lot of things have happened where the orange fern grows.

I just wish I never knew.

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