Beneath the Willow

This is a story of a guys first crush/love. Gabe meets Leslie Black and the trouble begins. To start, Leslie's father is in jail, Gabe's father was the one that put him there. Gabe decides to keep Leslie a secret.


5. Secret

 I walked on over the bridge. There was just one thing I could do; I wouldn’t tell anyone that I liked her. I wasn’t even sure that I would tell Lesley. I would just have to wait and find out.

 I would find her tomorrow. It shouldn’t be that hard. I knew where Back Road was. It was on the other side of town. That would have to be another secret too. Dad would kill me.

 “Hey! Wait up!” Josh yelled.

 I waited on him to catch up and grinned at him. “I almost got in trouble because of those magazines. Bess took them to mom.”

 Josh moaned and glared up at the sky, “You mean that was what dad was upset about? I can see mom pitching one more fit, but dad. I can't see him getting mad over that." Ahh…I’ll fix it somehow.”

 “Good luck with that,” I said with a glance up our street.

 Josh wiggled his eyebrows, “so, tell me about this girlfriend.”

 “Lesley Black?” I questioned watching his eyes go round.

 “You need to stay away from her,” he warned pulling me toward him.

 “Why should I Josh? It isn’t her fault that her dad killed her mom.” I pushed his hand off my arm.

 “No, he threated dad. That was why dad arrested him. They couldn’t charge him with murder. There wasn’t enough evidence to hold him. I heard dad tell mom that he was making bail in three days. That gives both of us three days of freedom. The minute they release him, our lives will be over. Dad won’t let us out of the house.”

 I took a deep breath. How could I do what I needed in three days? “Daddy wouldn’t do that.” I decided aloud.

 “Yes he can, and he will. If you don’t believe me, just mention that you met her at the parade. See what he says to that.” Josh glared down at me.

 “It isn’t her fault,” I pointed out.

 “You are right, it isn’t her fault. She is the one caught in the middle of all this. I never said it was right, this is just how things are.”

  Josh went on up the road. I wasn’t going to say a word to dad. I wouldn’t mention her or her dad. Lesley would be my secret.

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