Beneath the Willow

This is a story of a guys first crush/love. Gabe meets Leslie Black and the trouble begins. To start, Leslie's father is in jail, Gabe's father was the one that put him there. Gabe decides to keep Leslie a secret.


3. Not having The Talk

 “You know that it is normal to be curious.”

 “Oh please, dad I really don’t want to talk about things like that.” My face was never going to be the same. By the time dad was done, it would remain red. I was having a hard time dealing with the real ones, girls that had clothes on.

Dad chuckled before he patted me on the back, “we are going to have that talk. It might not be today, but the day will come.”

 “Okay, okay…another day then.” I would agree to that if it kept the man quiet. Did he really think that I didn’t know what sex was? One could not have a brother like Josh and not know. That would be impossible.

 “Be in before dark,” dad warned as he walked across the bridge.

 I watched him start whistling. Honestly, don't parents know any better? Did they live just so they could embarrass their kids? They would have too. I did not want the talk from dad.

 Making a face, I turned back toward town. I would just have to hide from dad a week or two. That was easy to do. Dad worked most of the time and that kept him away from home. However, I would have to deal with my mom. Mom never went anywhere, but she wouldn’t want to talk about sex. Not with a new baby coming.

 I got to town and found a few people where standing around. My brother happened to be missing. I knew where to find the evil one. He would be at the school playing football.

 I went back to Main Street. The one person I had hoped to find was missing as well. The only problem with her was that I didn’t have a clue where to start looking. However, I knew someone that did. Smiling I took off to the football field.

 It took a person thirty minutes to walk to the field. I cut the time in half by running. The football field was crowded. It wasn’t just the football players either. There were only two places the kids could go around here. This being one and the swimming hole out on Miller’s Road.

 I smirked when I saw Nick and Clay. They were over on the bleachers talking to the red head in math class. I made my way up where the two were talking about cars. Like either, one knew anything about a car. Nick wouldn’t even touch the motor. He swore the acid from the battery would eat a hole through his hand. Dad didn’t tell him any different.

 “I see you are still living. To hear Josh tell it, your dad took you home to bust your butt,” Nick announced to everyone in hearing distance.

 “Dad found Josh’s dirty mags,” I announced twice as loud.

 Clay just looked impressed. Anything Josh did, good or bad, never failed to impress him. Nick just looked at me strange. “What?”

 “Mr. B. thought it was you? For real, did he?” Nick shook his head with a grin.

 “That isn’t the worse of it,” I informed them taking a seat. “He wants to give me the talk.”

 Nick snorted, “Did you tell him Josh told all of us three years ago?”

 I shook my head and turned toward the game. I would wait a few minutes before I would bring Lesley up. Then again, if I waited long enough, one of them would do it for me. I could find out what I wanted to know, without them knowing that I wanted to know.

 “Did you see that new girl?” Ashley asked.

 I smiled, that was faster than I thought it would.

 “You mean Lesley?” Clay asked.

 I turned back around in time to see the girl nod. It would be interesting to see what the girls thought of her.

 “I think that is her name. I only saw her once. I heard Britney talking about her. She said she was poor and that her dad was in jail.”

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