Beneath the Willow

This is a story of a guys first crush/love. Gabe meets Leslie Black and the trouble begins. To start, Leslie's father is in jail, Gabe's father was the one that put him there. Gabe decides to keep Leslie a secret.


2. Misdeeds

 “So, Gabe, is that short for Gabriel?” Lesley asked me with a slight grin.

 I could feel my face glowing. All I could do was nod at the girl. My mom was the one that landed me my name. She told me, that I had looked so much like an angel, that she decided to name me after one. Out of the angels, she had to pick Gabriel. My dad started calling me Gabe. The only time I hear Gabriel come from his mouth is when I am beyond redemption.

 I watched her try to hide a grin. Not that she was doing a good job at it.


 I moaned I would know that voice out of a thousand. My brother always did have bad timing. I turned to the sixteen-year-old loud mouth and gave him my best glare.

 “Tell your little girlfriend good-bye.”

 I hated Joshua. I couldn’t help it. Joshua was annoying.

 He held his hands up to surrender. “It isn’t me, I mean really Gabe, and it isn’t like I don’t have better things to do than chase your butt around. Dad has been looking for you.”

 “Why?’ I asked going through a list of misdeeds in my mind. I couldn’t come up with any that he didn’t already know about.

 “I have no idea. It wasn’t like I was going to ask him.”

 I turned back to Lesley with a smile, “Well, it seems I have to go. I’ll be seeing you in school, right?”

 She only gave me a slight nod while keeping her attention on the parade in right of her. I glanced once more and saw that it was at the end.

 “C’ya Gabe,” she whispered.

 “Bye,” I called before I got lost in the sea of people milling around the sidewalk.

 I kept looking back until I couldn’t see her anymore. I had made it to the hardware store before I realized that Joshua didn’t tell me where to find dad. He wasn’t even planning on coming to the parade.

 I headed down toward Lower Street. If he were anywhere, it would be there. Dad wasn’t a big fan of parades. He was pleased when I reached the age that I didn’t need watched every five seconds. Even he was surprised when mom let me come by myself.

 I glanced through the people until I spied him over by the ice cream shop. Dad spotted me as well. I could tell he wasn’t at all pleased. I went through that mental list once more as I walked over to him.

 “I have you to know; that I didn’t do whatever it is that you think I have done.” 

 Dad raised an eyebrow at me. I hate when he does that. He fully believes I did whatever he thinks I did, which I know I didn’t do.

 “Let’s go home; I think we need to have a little talk.”

 Dad didn’t give me time to answer. He just started toward the house. I didn’t have many choices. I followed him until we got on Jacob’s Bridge. I reached over and tugged on his shirt. A childhood habit I have kept through the years. It still worked. He stopped and looked down at me.

 “Can you at least tell me what this is over?”

 Dad took a good look around before leaning against the rail. “Bess was cleaning out the basement. She found a few magazines and showed them to your mother.”

 “There are a lot of those in the basement. Mom was the one who put them down there.” Now he had just lost me. Why would I be in trouble for something she did?

 “She didn’t put these magazines down there. Not these kind.”

 I crossed my arms, “What kind are they?”

 “Women, cars, women with no clothes on the cars.”

 I felt my face flood bright red, the second time within thirty minutes. That had to be some kind of record. I’m not one of these people that get embarrassed easy.

 “I see they are not yours then.” He stated with a short laugh.

 I couldn’t look at him. How embarrassing, I could only shake my head at that. I have never seen one before. I don’t doubt for a minute that Joshua doesn’t have then. That would be something he would do. Moreover, mom, I could just see her face. She reacts badly when a girl shows her belly.

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