Beneath the Willow

This is a story of a guys first crush/love. Gabe meets Leslie Black and the trouble begins. To start, Leslie's father is in jail, Gabe's father was the one that put him there. Gabe decides to keep Leslie a secret.


1. Leslie Black

Her name was Lesley Black. It was at the town’s Easter Parade and I was coming upon Fisher Street. It was then that I saw her. She was standing at the corner, right beneath the old willow watching the parade coming down Main Street. I noticed her hair first, the way the wind seemed to be dancing in her long dark ways. I didn’t even have to see her face to know that she carried wild blue eyes. Clay Jones told me all about them. Nick Long told me her name. They had seen her at church the night before with her grandmother. Lesley black has now lived in our small town three days, which meant everyone had heard of her and where she had come from, everyone including my father. 

 I moved closer and tried to stay next to the brick wall. It would be easier to pretend I was watching the parade instead of her. Not that I liked her or anything, I really didn’t. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I just really didn’t want her thinking that I was watching her because she was pretty or something.

 I glanced toward the noise of all the mini-bikes. They had all the riders dressed as Easter bunnies. I’m guessing that is supposed to make us run right out and buy a bike. I didn’t see that happening, not with my dad. He would still have training wheels on my bike if I’d let him.

 It was when the purple bunny took a nosedive that I made my move. She wouldn’t think anything about a boy coming up next to her if it was over a bloody bunny. If I had to be truthful, I did want to see the bunny.

 I inched my way up next to her and peered out into the road. The man didn’t seem hurt. He was up moving around. That was a good sign.

 I stole a look at her face. It was just a small peek. I didn’t even see her eyes. All I could tell was that she wasn’t wearing any make-up. That shocked me. All the girls at school wore it. Even the girls that wasn’t aloud makeup at home, put makeup on when they got to school. Stacy Peters puts it on when she gets on the bus. I have her in my last period, which is when she takes it off.

 I learned in kindergarten that girls are foolish. I mean, they had makeup back then. Mostly that pink princess stuff, but it still stuck to their lips. I can’t count the times I was chased by a bunch of girls up on the playground. They’d have three or four to hold the poor guy down while the one with pink lips kissed. It was horrible, and the teachers thought it was cute. It wasn’t cute but I know for a fact Nick always let himself get caught. He had dated all the girls by first grade.

 I finally picked up enough nerve to smile at her. This time I made contact with those wild blue eyes. I stuck my hand out to her and was surprised when she took hold of it with a smile. “Gabe Brogan,” I managed to mumble.

 “Lesley Black,” she returned softly.

 I really hoped that she couldn’t hear my heart beat. I could hear it beating. It was beating wildly in my ears. It was so loud that I could hardly hear the sound of the marching band.

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