Beneath the Willow

This is a story of a guys first crush/love. Gabe meets Leslie Black and the trouble begins. To start, Leslie's father is in jail, Gabe's father was the one that put him there. Gabe decides to keep Leslie a secret.


4. Cousins

 “She is really nice,” Clay smiled for a minute.

 I grinned too. I understand the smile and so did Nick. I didn’t want to share my meeting with her just yet. It was one of those private moments.

 “Have you heard what he was in jail for?” Nick asked looking straight at me. I got the feeling was I supposed to know the answer. I slowly shook my head. I didn’t know, but dad did mention the man last night. From the look, that dad had on his face told me what dad thought of the man. What dad thought couldn’t be good.

 “He killed his wife, Lesley’s mom. It was all over the news. Your dad arrested him Gabe. He was found at his mom’s out on Back Road,” Nick answered.

 I hadn’t known that. Dad doesn’t talk about his work. I don’t pay any attention to the news. The news is either depressing or downright boring. What would Lesley think when she found out my dad had hers arrested? She might just hate my guts. I know I would hate my guts.

 “He is claiming it was an accident, and his mom is backing him up,” Ashley whispered with a glance around her. “He is saying that she fell from the top of the staircase.”

 I could feel Nick’s eyes on me. I glanced over his way only to find him motioning me toward the bathrooms. I gave a smile to Clay and Ashley. Neither one would follow. I was sure of that. Clay was too busy pretending that he was a big shot while Ashley pretended to care.

 We went behind the bathrooms instead of going in. Nick leaned against the building and took a deep breath. “Lesley is my cousin. Not that it matters or anything. Her mom and my mom were sisters. They never really talked and we never went to see them. From what my mom said, my uncle is cruel.”

 “Why didn’t you say anything?” I asked surprised.

 “Would you? Gabe, stop and think about it. I like Lesley and all, I know that it isn’t her fault that she has a dad like that, but hanging around her isn’t the smartest thing to do.”

 I didn’t understand that. If it was all about her dad, he was in jail so that wouldn’t matter.

 “Her dad will get out. They have no witness Gabe.”

 “When do you think they will release him?”

 “Mom thinks it will be sometime this week. She tried to get custody of Lesley and couldn’t. Her dad wanted her with her grandma. Her grandma was closer kin.”

 We walked away from the bathrooms. I didn’t know what to say to him. I would have never guessed Nick and Lesley were cousins. They were too different. They didn’t even look anything alike. I didn’t look like any of my cousins either. I didn’t even look like Josh.

 It took us the thirty minutes to get back into town. We walked back to Jacob’s Bridge. This was where we split. Nick had to walk another two miles to my one.

 “Do we meet at the field?” Nick asked.

  “Around noon,” I agreed stepping onto the bridge. I took my time listening to the wood creak under my shoes. It made such a nice creepy sound, that I usually could scare myself before I got off the bridge.

 I gave a sigh and stopped in the middle of the bridge. I wasn’t in the mood to scare myself. I leaned over the rail and watched the water below. I wondered what Lesley would think of the water. Did she even like water? I couldn’t help but think about Nick. What would he say if he found out, I liked his cousin? What would my dad say? My dad would cause problems.

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