adopting, lovely, dream house, and injuries

Amanda, Kendall, Vanessa, Alexis, and Jenna are adopted from the streets by the boys. but when Niall starts falling head over heels for Jenna, and Liam gets really protective over Amanda because she was bullied, and they move to a dream house on a beach near a amusement park, they start a perfect new life, untill Vanessa, Amanda, Kendall, and Alexis start to get injured left and right,


2. Should we adopt them?

Harrys POV

Louis has been gone for a while now. Where is he? Hes probably getting mobbed. 

"hey have you heard from Louis yet, Zayn?'' I asked.

"ya hes on his way." Zayn replied. " he said he wanted to talk to you. 

When he got home we talked then called the boys up and told them the whole story and went to tell them. We told hem and they aall thanked us. 

I went up to Jenna and asked if she would date me.

"thay would be lovely." she said.

Kendalls POV 

Why wont Amanda talk to anyone. Only to Alexis. 

Probably because of dumb Courtny

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