adopting, lovely, dream house, and injuries

Amanda, Kendall, Vanessa, Alexis, and Jenna are adopted from the streets by the boys. but when Niall starts falling head over heels for Jenna, and Liam gets really protective over Amanda because she was bullied, and they move to a dream house on a beach near a amusement park, they start a perfect new life, untill Vanessa, Amanda, Kendall, and Alexis start to get injured left and right,


3. Flash back!

*before they got abandoned*

Amandas POV

Why did she target me? Why only me? Well, Im glad its me because I wouldnt want any of the others to  have to go through this

"AMANDA!!" Courtny called.

"yes," i said under my breath.

"Why do you think you can go and talk to MY mom and MY sisters. You dont deserve to be here!" She yelled.

"I dont care"

"well you should because what will happen if I hurt you? Not mentaly anymore." She huffed as she pulled out a knife.

"What do you think-" I got cut off. This hurt soooooo bad. I looked down. My hand was bloody. My thigh was open. Why was she doing this? 

"How do you think I feel?!" she screamed. "Now you know how I feel!"

"What did I ever do to make you do this?!" I cried.

"Dont act stupid! You were the reason I didnt get a kitty for Christmas!" she protested. "Instead I got a dumb barbie!" 

Really? All this for nothing but a kitty? 

"Help me!!!!! " I yelled.

"Amanda!?!?" I heard Jenna yell from down stairs.

"Dont you dare tell anyone it was me!" Courtny said, pointing the knife at me.

" She doesnt have to, and she does deserve tto be here!" Alexis protested. " I heard the whole thing" I  started to lack out.

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