adopting, lovely, dream house, and injuries

Amanda, Kendall, Vanessa, Alexis, and Jenna are adopted from the streets by the boys. but when Niall starts falling head over heels for Jenna, and Liam gets really protective over Amanda because she was bullied, and they move to a dream house on a beach near a amusement park, they start a perfect new life, untill Vanessa, Amanda, Kendall, and Alexis start to get injured left and right,


1. Can you help us?

Jennas POV

"Jenna?" Kendall asked me.


"are we ever going to go back home?"

"yes Kendall,  we just need to find someone to-" I got cut off. I had bumped into someone, he looked friendly. He even soundes friendly.

"oh my gosh.....Im sooo was my fault....Im Louis," Louis..He looked at me, then at the other girls.

"do you think you can help us?' Alexis begged.

"umm.....yeah......sure....whats wrong are you lost?" Louis asked. He looked comfused. 

" do i explain?" i studdered. 

"We got abandoned. Our parents abused us so now were on our own." Vanessa said trying not to cry.

"Our mom favorited only one........Courtny.......she bullied us too." Kendall said.

"especially Amanda" Alexis replied. Amanda was behing Alexis at tis point.

"oh...." He said. 

Louis POV

Well if i give them money, they still wont have a home." to the tour bus with me." I studdered out.

Did they really get abused? Did they really get abandoned? Or is tis just all a prank? Ill findout eventually.

Alexis POV

Is he serious? Hes taking us to a tour bus? Is he famous? Maybe theres more people that could help us!"how far is it?" I asked.

"about a mile" he said," whens te last time you guys ate?"

" Yesterday, we ran out today." Jenna said sadly.

" u wanna run?" Louis added.

"sure." Jenna said. I picked up Amanda and Jenna got Kendall. Vanessa wanted to run, so she just ran ahead of us.

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