The First True Love

This story is about a girl named, YAsmin. SHe has a hard time and find a perfect person that comes into her life.


3. The X-Factor

Yasmin P.O.V

When I heard that Harry was going to the X-Factor He told me that he will sing my favorite songbut then it was Friday it ment that Harry was auditioning  I made my grandparents buy a tv so i could she harry sing i felt happy for him but that ment that i wont see him at all maybe .But then Harry called me He said I'm up i love you hope the judges would like this bye.

Harry P.O.V

I still cant believe im next lots of people are going to see me after what has happend all these days i always dreamed of doing this but i felt like i was young

Yasmin P.O.V

so when harry was up i felt fozen when i heard the judges one said no so i through a pilliow on the t.v then harry was going to the next round i felt happy for him after all I hope nothing bad happends then we did so then when i went to my job I told everyone in the bakery to put a sigh that said vote for harry Then i took a picture and send to him and he gave me pic when he was in the X-Factor but then when it was the next round harry was out until one the judges said harry and some people would be a group then i called harry if the band was good for him he said that we are going to call it one direction i even went on a plane to see him then i got to meet his friends Zayn, Liam ,Naill ,and Louis I thought they all looked cute

Zayn P.O.v

Then I said you guys have a weird life  and then niall is like ok what song are we going to sing then all 5 of them did rock paper sisers then i won and i picked a good song the judges would  like

Naill P.O.V

Ok then when we were going to the next round i felt like i needed chicken

Louis P.O.V

this looks like a nice place to sing

Yasmin P.O.V

wow the fourth round this is big you guys rock and harry and i said good bye cause i had to leave and we huged and  had a long kiss then i said its nice too meet you guys  then when i found out that naill was irish i told him if he new Hannah Keeplane

Then he said that is my cousin how weird is that then a mintue later my phone was ringing and then i found out my mother just died from a car crash


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