The First True Love

This story is about a girl named, YAsmin. SHe has a hard time and find a perfect person that comes into her life.


4. The Finals

Harry P.O.V

I really feel bad for yasmin she is my love and a person i like but now look at at me i am in a band and  i never see her

Yasmin P.O.V

I cant believe my mom just died my life is terrible i cant do any thing my mom died and my dad died also in the army

I hope harry will understand and that all im going to say

but since it was one week later i been really sick so i went to the docters and then a hour passed and i found out i was going to have a baby

so when it was the finals i was happy so when i was watching it i also found out they lost i also got mad at myself

but when it was over i called harry



Harry"what yasmin"

Yasmin"I want to tell you that i have bad news and good news"

Harry"can you tell me the good news"

Yasmin"I am going to have a baby"

"What your having a baby"harry said

Yes I said then he fainted and then all the boys carryed him back to the hotel and then everyone was saying harry is going to be a dad and yasmin is going to be a mom

But then 3 months later when one direction got sighed I was happy i was just 3 months with this baby it was also hard for me and harry


I will always care for you even if we're not toghter and even if we are far far away from each other i will alway love her love means a lot to me i cant help myself donig this i didnt even told my parents or my sister but my friend i didnt told any fans or any one

Yasmin P.O.v

IT istime to know if i have a girl or boy but when it was an hour later i found out i was having a boy and girl which ment twins

Harry P.O.V

i told my family my girlfriend was having a baby and my family was ok and and they kept telling me questions and they got really mad kind of but my mom said it was a big resonsibity to take care then when my phone rang it was yasmin and my mom told me to put it on speaker i told her if we are goingto have a girl or boy then she said are having twins and it was a baby girl and boy then i was happy and i went to her house

Yasmin P.O.V

this is awesome

Harry pov

Yasmin im happy but i also need to tell you i was starting to do a world tour with my friends

Yasmin POV

I start collge next week

Harry said i guess this is good bye

I started crying  cause harry was my olny boyfriend who loved me and the rest just cheated on me

Harry said well bye i will miss you i also brought flowers i also might not be here when you will give brith to the twins

i said its ok i just want you to follow your dreams and i will just follow my dreams bye harry i love you

me too harry said



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