The First True Love

This story is about a girl named, YAsmin. SHe has a hard time and find a perfect person that comes into her life.


1. My life

Yasmin P.O.V

Hi my name is Yasmin. im in the family of four, my dad Xavier, my mom Eleanor, my sister Stephanie, and of course me Yasmin. It all started when my parents got a divorced. My mom also died in a car crash. My dad also joined the army. So sadly i had to change schools every year or even every semecester. Since my mom died and my dad was in the army i had to live with my grandparents. Since the past 2 years my sister were home schooled, they decided to put us back to school. One month later when school started i felt nervous.  saw lots of jocks, class couples, rebels, class crooner, nerds,miss popular, and lastly new born pop.

Then when i saw my class schedule and my first class was English FYI my favorite subject. So when i found my locker it was covered with dust, so i just didnt do anything. So when the bell ranged it was english time. When i walk inside the class room i saw a tall cute guy, i told him about my life and he asked me if he could sit with me, i said i dont care. He told me that his name was harry. Then i said my name is yasmin. We were talking till class started. i told myself that he had a beautiful asent.Then when when class was over I met harry's friends

hadyn,will,and nick.He told me that he was in a band called White Eskimo. Then I stared at his green eyes.But then there were these mean girls talking about how people dressed i didnt care cause there face looked ugly i guess those people better tell them they wear so much make up and black. Then it was p.e the most hated subject so instead of p.e i sighed up for cheerleading i hated but i only sighed up so there were no p.e so when i went to cheerleading i saw the mean girls they were so bossy and spoiled and mean they told every player the sucked

but then i saw harry playing soccer i waved hi  then the mean girls said harry and yasmin kissing in the tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g in your dreams .Then I told them that you should shut up and listen the girl who wears too much make up and black . atfer cheerleading it was lunch i didnt know wear to sit so when i was about to sit with harry then one of the mean girls pushed me and my food(sloppy joe) fell on harry then people started laughing and harry went strainght to the bathroom and i felt bad then will told me tosit here and then he grabed a napkins then when lunch was over i didnt saw harry at all

when it was social studies i sat by a girl named Gemma we had to be partners I told her about what happend today then she said he name was harry i told her yes then she said does he have brown hair with green eyes i told her yes then she smiled and said oh he is my brother. really i said then we became best friends . then when schooled ended i saw harry then he ran into the stairs and fell with all his stuff then he said no my project is broken. I have to go i cant talk to you right now 

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