The First True Love

This story is about a girl named, YAsmin. SHe has a hard time and find a perfect person that comes into her life.


2. my life is over now

Harry Styles P.O.V

When i fell my project was messed up so went weeks went on and on it was December I told her that i am going on the x factor then she said no way really but what about your job and school i said well im going to the x-factor on may i had to tell you cause i really like you and i just felt awkard about what happend at lunch long time  i think your nice your every thing i like in a girl Yasmin your the one for me i want you to do the x factor then she said i cant I'm a shy person but will vote for you harry or ill come with you when you do your thing but did you pick a song then i said no but  you pick one then Yasmin said you should sing Isnt she lovely by steve wonder i love that song .

then when it was Monday school started i had a cast on my foot then I saw Yasmin and my sister I told them in any of them could hold my my books then yasmin said sure but then the bell rang then i saw a new girl named Hannah she looked cute and so i talked to her but after the talk we had a date but then i realize that the bell rang and yasmin had my stuff and i forgot lots of stuff then i went to my locker and saw a note that said Harry i love you so much i was wondering if you would want to have a date with me by your friend yasmin.

I didnt know what to do then the teacher saw me and said Harry you should be in class everyone is looking for you and you know what that means it means you have deation for skiping class now go to class said mr home ok im going i said then when it was lunch time i didnt see yasmin so i hanged out with Hannah we started dating but until i forgot that Yasmin was my girlfriend i didnt want to hurt any one and yasmin had lots of things that we enjoyed i just started dating . Then a week passed Hannah and i had real love but Yasmin and i had true love .OK thats it no more words no more lies let it go before it dies hear the words hear the pain the last love ends vain sweet in the start bitter in the end hearts will break never bend. So months and months passed I had to go to the x-factor i never told hannah or yasmin i was cheating on them but i didnt know what to do so then hannah had  party and we danced and we saw yasmin i told her what are you doing she said i got invited why i said oh well come and come here then we went up the stairs then i locked her in a closet then she got mad so i went down stairsv then i saw hannah she told me to come here and thenwe went to her room and then we kissed and kissed then someone opened the closet and yasmin got out and she was trying to find me and then she saw me kissing hannah then she left and got mad and started to cry

Yasmin P.O.V

When i saw harry kissing my friend i started to cry i was wondering why he did that to me then i texted and said  we are over your just not the person i use to know and pluse im not even beauitful im just a ugly mess i said then when hannah found out she texted her friends and her friends then her friends texeted the hole school and now everyone found out it was terrible harry didnt went to school for the whole week then after school then harry texted me and hannah that im sorry i can do this any more you guys are beauitful and funny hannah your sporty and yasmin your the true love but hannah i think we should just stick with being friends and yasmin i want to be back with you

harry said then when i read it i new it all this time i called gemma she told me that harry been crying for you and then hannah moved to ireland  I told harry that i will be back with him i loved him so much


Harry P.O.V

i still cant believe this i told yasmin that im going to the x-factor i said then i told her that i wish me luck

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