The First True Love

This story is about a girl named, YAsmin. SHe has a hard time and find a perfect person that comes into her life.


5. College

One month later

Yasmin P.O.V iam fourth months and i didnt even have friends I cant believe im packing my bags and going to collage it was hard I try not to cry had the best time now its the worst time but i have to say good bye this was hard for me i cant believe its over when i was done unpacking i met my roommate her name was Angelina she was a awesome roommate she made me feel better everyday Angelina made me feel good for myself i told her about harry then she told if he was on the xfactor i told yea i also told her i was having twins she told me taking care of a baby is hard but i will still miss harry no one in my collage would hang out   with me but then when itwas dark out side i couldnt stop thinking about harry how sweet and how dame sexy he is i still cant stop thinking about it but life can be hard even if you love some one but they have to go as weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks and weeeks and weeks went on i could not stop thinking about harry also when i had lunch there was a mean girl name jessica she spilled meatloaf on me that made me think of harry sense he had been spilled by sloppy joe then everyone started laughing at me the teachers hated me but one teacher loved her name was ms.sweet

she told me that everything will be ok ut that didnt help last week a person wrote kick me on my back and also some people were making fun of me it was terrible but angelina was my only friend when i told about harry she told every one in her family her friends and the whole school

they didnt believe so i called harry

Harry''hello yasmin''

yasmin''harry it been years can you come to my collage''


yasmin''plz no one likes me the all hate me plz your whole band plz''

harry''wait let me tell them...........................................its cool we can''

yasmin''awesome thx ''

a week later one direction came frist harry and the band came to my room and met angelina harry and i think angelina is in love with naill also niall did told me if she was single

then they planned a date also louis with eleanor liam with daniella harry and i niall with angelina zayn with perry

we had a doudle date all of the girls were my best friends it was a blast and one direction preformed in our school then harry kissed me it was beauitful then that night ended then harry gave me my favorite food called french fries and i gave him my taco and angelina got his number which was awesome Then we had to say good bye but harry said instead of saying good bye he said see you later

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