One Direction Imagines

Leave a description of yourself : name, hair color, eye color,which boy you want to be with and any specific details you would like in there as well! Also like and favorite!!


9. Sandie and Harry

Sandie's POV
I was sleeping, when all of the sudden my phone rings at 12:00 AM. 'RING!!' "Ugh" I groan. I see who it is. "Hello? Harry? What is it?" "Hey babe. I just wanted to tell you that we just got done with our concert and I'm gonna stay at Louis tonight. Is that okay?" " hmm? Oh uh.. Yeah. That's fine." "Ok. Great ill see you tommarow. I love you. Bye babe. Night." "Night.. I love you too." From then on I mumbled. "What did you say?" "What?! Oh.. Nothing. I love you bye." "Haha. Bye love." Then I hung up. I went back to sleep. That morning, I woke up, made pancakes, and by the time I finished, harry came home. "How was Lou's babe? How was the concert?" He looked up from his phone." Oh yeah. Lou's was fine. The concert was excruciatingly loud! I literally almost went deaf." "Oh I'm sowwy!" I said in a childish voice. "Haha you jerk!" "Oh I'm sorry babe" I smiled. I walked over to him and we started making out when all of of the sudden the smoke alarm went off! "Ahh!!! Holy crap! Oh my god! The pancakes! Shit!" I ran over and turned of the stove and threw the pan in the sink. "Hahaha! Come here.." I walked over. And he pushed his lips against mine. Then all of a sudden the alarm stopped. "Haha." Harry laughed. "Oh god I love you harry." " and I love you sandie." He smiled then we kissed. "Umm harry?" "Yes love?" "Umm... You kinda smell babe." I chuckled. "Okay okay. I'm gonna go take a shower." "Okay. I'll miss you. Mwah!" "Haha bye." Then he ran upstairs and stayed on the couch and turned on the tv. Oh yay. X-factor.
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