One Direction Imagines

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18. Sammie and Harry

**Sammie's POV**
"Harry! Get down here!" I screamed at my boyfriend, Harry. "What is it?" I showed him the picture on my phone as a tear streamed down my face. "What the hell is this?!" He closely looked at the picture, realizing it was him kissing another girl. Not me. I ran upstairs and locked the bathroom door. "Sam, let me in. I can explain." "Explain?! What is there to explain?! This picture is pretty self explanatory!" I started bawling. How could Harry cheat on me. I thought we were forever and ever. I don't know how that could happen. I looked in the mirror. Was there something wrong with me? I quickly washed my face. I walked downstairs grabbed my jacket and keys and left. "Sam! Wait!" Harry yelled behin me. I got in my car and drove to El's house. I knocked on the door. "Hey Sammie!" I immediately started crying. "Wha- what's wrong?!" "Ha- Harry che-cheated on m-me." "What?! Louis get down here!" "What is it? What happened?" "Harry's a flipping scum bag that doesn't deserve Sam." "Why? What did he do?" "He cheated on her. With some slut." "Really? I'm sorry Sam. I'll talk to him." Louis walked up to his room and grabbed his phone he texted Harry. "He said he wants to talk to you." "Okay I was gonna go home anyway. I just wanted to say hi to you guys I guess." "Okay. Bye Sammie. Don't let him hurt you!" "I won't. Thanks El. Bye Louis. I love you guys. Bye." "Love you too Sammie." Then I walked out the door to my car. I drove home listening to super sad songs on the radio. I don't know why. I cried the whole way home. I walked in and Harry was on the couch. "Love? Can we talk?" "What is there to talk about?" "I didn't cheat. I was at a party with Zayn and that girl practically threw herself at me." "Oh did she now?!" I said sarcastically/madly. "I would never cheat on you Sam. Forever and ever babe." A tear escaped my eye. Harry took his hand and wiped it away. "I don't know if I can trust you Harry..." "Please. Your the only one I love and you know that." "We'll that wasn't cheesy." "Haha shut up." He then shut me up by kissing me. He was so good at kissing I must admit. I guess harry and I weren't on the rocks anymore after all. Or we're we?
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