One Direction Imagines

Leave a description of yourself : name, hair color, eye color,which boy you want to be with and any specific details you would like in there as well! Also like and favorite!!


6. Lauren and Zayn

Lauren's POV
I woke up and saw Zayn up on the balcony. Smoking. I hated how zayn smoked. I pleaded for him to quit everyday but he wouldn't. He tried and just couldn't. But I can't take it anymore. He walked in and I spoke up. "Zayn? Babe, can I ask you a question?" "Yeah sure thing. What is it?" I hesitated. Then I looked into his deep brown eyes. "Can you-... Will you please stop smoking? Please for me?" He looked at me. I started to form tears in my eyes. He saw a tear fall from my eye and walked over to my face. He kissed my cheek and said "okay. I will. For you Lauren." I hope he could keep his promise this time. I walked o the bathroom and took my light brown hair out of a messy bun and walked into the shower. The water was nice and warm. I walked out and saw zayn on his phone texting Louis. I sat next to him and rested my head on his shoulder. He rubbed my back and kissed my forehead. Zayn I knew,he was my true love. "Hey babe? Do you wanna go to a movie today?" He asked me. "Uh.. Sure." I smiled. "What movie?" I asked "Paranormal Activity?" He asked. I gulped. I could handle semi-scary movies.. But not any of the paranormal activitys. "Uhh- suurre..." I managed to say under my breath. Zayn knew I didn't fancy scary movies. He probably just wanted to mess with me. We drove to the nearest movie theater. " 2 tickets for Paranormal Activity 4 please." Okay I can do this. We walked into the theater. I basically closed my eyes through out the whole movie. I buried my face in zayns jacket. I almost cried with fear. As we walked out of the theater I heard zayn " are you okay babe?" He asked. " never again.. Never again.." I said
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