One Direction Imagines

Leave a description of yourself : name, hair color, eye color,which boy you want to be with and any specific details you would like in there as well! Also like and favorite!!


13. Julia and Niall

Julia's POV
"Cause you were mine for the summer, now we know its nearly over. Feels like snow in September, but I always will remember. You were my Summer Love. You always will be my Summer Love." I was singing while I was taking a shower. "Hmmmm lala da da di doo." "Jules, erm... what are you doing?" My boyfriend niall asked from downstairs. "Singing in the shower." "Oh.." Niall laughed. "Well, you talk in your sleep and I sing in the shower! There were even!" I laughed. I jumped out of the shower and put my long brown hair in a towel-turban. I threw on my polka dotted robe. "Niall! What's for breakfast?! Or did you eat it all?!" "Well there was some pancakes but... they're gone." "Nialler!" I walked down the stairs to see a beautiful table setting with pancakes, bacon and tea. "Niall! This is amazing!" "I thought you would like it." "Are you kidding?! I love it!" It was so beautiful. And I bet Niall put a lot of effort into it. "I'm going to start eating now if you don't mind..." "I don't mind." I chuckled. He started to scarf everything down. I started te eat some pancakes. "These are delicious. I'm suprised you didn't burn them like last time." " haha very funny." He said sarcastically. "Oh we have to get ready. Aren't we going to Louis' for movie night with the boys?" "Oh yeah I think so. Do you remember what time?" "I think we were going at 4." "But it's only 10:30." "Yeah I know. I take a long time to get ready. I'm a girl!" "Oh right..." I ran upstairs and started with my hair. I brushed it out, then put it on a messy bun since we were not going to Lou's. then I did my make up. I put a little foundation on to make myself look not so pale. The. I did smokey eyeshadow and light pink tinted lip balm/gloss. Then my outfit. I took an hour trying to decide what to wear. Then I found a striped flowy blouse and some skinny jeans to match. I then put on some red converse Hi-tops. I walked downstairs and saw niall all ready. "Huh..12:50." I guess it didn't take me that long." "Yeah it didn't." "Hey, how bout we go to the mall and then..." "Then what?" "Nandos!" "YES PLEASE!" He freaked out. It was better than sitting at home all day. "How can I ever repay you?" "Well..." "Already ahead of you." He pushed his lips to mine. "Thanks." I laughed. We walked out the door. We went to the mall and bought nothing. Niall was happy when we got to Nandos though. We finished at 3:45. "Let's go to Lou's." "ok. I'll drive!" I loved driving. I didn't know why. We arrived at Lou's t exactly 4:00. "Hey Julian and Niall are here!" Louis shouted from the couch. "So who's ready to watch some movies?!" "Me!" Everyone shouted I'm unison. "So what are we gonna watch?!" Louis asked. Immediately Liam and I shouted "TOY STORY!" "NO!" Why?" I asked. "That's a children's movie!" I frowned. "How about love acctually?" Harry suggested. Everyone aggreed on that. So we watched lots of movies. After the 4th movie I fell asleep in nialls arms. Luckily he was strong so he carried me to the car the drove home. He then places me in my bed and wrapped his as around my waist. I knew all of this because I want really asleep.. I was faking.

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