One Direction Imagines

Leave a description of yourself : name, hair color, eye color,which boy you want to be with and any specific details you would like in there as well! Also like and favorite!!


5. Jennah and Harry

Jennah's POV.

I quickly ran downstairs to turn on the heat." Ooh it's fffreeezing!" I whispered/yelled. I ran to the bathroom and took a nice warm shower. I put my hair in a messy bun and put on my robe. I heard Harry walking down the creaky stairs. "Hey babe! Are you taking a shower?" I shouted " he rubbed his beautiful green eyes. I walked over to him and kissed his soft cheek. " Yeah." He smiled and went to the bathroom. I heard the water running as I was making pancakes. By the time he was out, the pancakes were done. He came down in blue jeans and a white tee in his hand. I put 4 pancakes on his plate and 3 on mine. I poured some Yorkshire tea for both of us. He walked over and kissed my cheek and sat down. "Jenn, this is great thanks." I smiled " Anything for you babe."
We ate. I picked up the plates. " Hey love I can do the dishes you cooked breakfast." He insisted. "Okay thanks babe." I smiled and kissed him. I ran up the stairs and threw on a striped tee and some jean shorts. I then slipped on my red TOMS. I walked downstairs to find Harry sitting on the couch watching T.V. "Hey. Whatcha watching?" I asked. " He turned around. " Oh. Hey. Um.. MTV. Nations best pop groups." He smiled. One direction was the nations best pop group of course. I was happy that I had harry to myself for a while before the 2013 tour. "Hey you wanna call the boys up? We could all hang and have a hang out day?" I acctually enjoyed hanging with the boys. Niall and Louis were funny. Zayn and Liam were responsible and funny. And Harry was.. Well you know. Amazing! "Sure love! That's a wonderful idea." He ran over and kissed me. He loved seeing the boys. He texted all the boys to come at 3. I walked upstairs and Harry followed. I took out my phone and played my favorites playlist on shuffle. The A team played first. I put in my white headphones and started humming along. And before I knew it I was fast asleep.
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