One Direction Imagines

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16. Jade and Niall

**Jades POV**
"Oh my gosh Nialler. We're going to Disneyland!?" I screamed I hadn't been to Disneyland since I was about 6. "Yep! We're going tomarrow. I thought I might suprise you." "This is the best birthday present ever! Thanks so much!" I hugged him an gave him a kiss in the cheek. I ran upstairs and started packing. We were staying for four days so I packed accordingly. I packed a swimsuit, multiple pairs of shorts and pants, as well as shirts. I got a sweatshirt and a jacket. All Done! "Hey babe. What time are we leaving to go to the airport?" "Oh about 9:30." Okay. This trip was going to be perfect.

**next morning** that morning I woke up and took a shower like any other day. Niall said we were getting breakfast at the airport. When we got to the airport niall was mobbed. We were almost late for our flight. Niall held my hand the whole time. When we were in line for security, Niall was behind me hold my waist kissing my cheek. He is a little taller than me so it was easy. The flight wasn't too long. When we got there we immediately checked into our hotel. He booked us at the Disneyland Hotel. We got to our room and I admired how big it was for a hotel room. It was a suite. A very luxurious suite. I ran and jumped on the bed. It was so soft. Like a... Soft bed I guess. Niall was on the couch watching T.V. "Hey. Whatcha doin?" "Oh watching tv." "May I join you?" "Of course you can babe." I walked over to the couch and rested my hrs on his chest. I could hear his heartbeat. It was so cute. "Thank you for this. This is the best. I love you niall. "I love you too jade. So how about we hit the hay so we can get up early for rides tommarow?!" "Okay. Sure. Will you carry me." "Yes your majesty." "Haha very funny." I mumbled from then on. Niall layer me in the bed and laid down next to me. That next morning was the best. We went on every ride in Disneyland. The next day we went on every ride in California Adventure. When we got pictures taken Niall would just look so cute with his beautiful smile. The second night we got there we decided to go into the pool. The water was so warm. I got on nialls back when we first got in because I thought it was going to be cold. But low and behold, it wasn't. I think my favorite part about the pool was, niall kissing me and telling me he loved me more than anything in the world. That was the icing on the cake to a fantastic trip.
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