One Direction Imagines

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17. Gracie and Louis

**Gracies POV**
As I walked through the Deli doors to my car, I got a text from Lou.

*Lou: Hey babe. Can't wait till after recording till I get to see you ❤xx*
*Me: Me too. xx ❤❤*. I was super excited. Usually Louis was gone for an hour at the most. I got into my car and drove to my apartment. As I walked in there was beatiful roses on the granite counter top. "To Gracie. From Louis." I read aloud. I looked at the note and it said 'to my love. I hope you had a wonderful day.' "Aww." I set my purse and keys on the counter and walked to the couch. I ate a little of my sandwich and put Lou's in the fridge. I walked back to the couch and turned on the T.V. Oh great. All alone on New Year's Eve. 30 minutes to countdown. At 11:45 I got a text from Perrie.
*Perrie: Hey! How's your New Years Eve going?!.*
*Me: Um. Not so good. Lou is still gone and it's 15 minutes till New Years and I'm by myself.*
*Perrie: What are u talking about?! The boys got back at 11:40!*
All of the sudden, I felt someone cover my eyes. "3..2..1 happy new year babe." I quickly turn around to find a smirking Louis. He quickly kissed me. Very passionately. He picked me up and led me to the bedroom. He set me down and we continued kissing me. He started to unbutton my flowy blouse.
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