One Direction Imagines

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15. Faith and Harry

Faiths POV
As I slowly opened my eyes, I saw Harry's beautiful green eyes. "Good morning Gorgeous." "Mmm.. Good morning. How did you sleep?" I asked. "Good. How was yours?" "Good. Oh. Happy birthday too you, happy birthday too you. Happy birthday dear Harry, happy birthday too you!" "Thanks babe." He kissed my cheek. I got up to go take a shower when Harry grabbed my wrist and pulled me back on the bed. "Woah! What are yo-" he pressed his lips against mine. We had a deep make out session that lasted about 10 minutes. He started to slowly take off my tank top. "Harry! Stop!" I joked around. "What? Ha ha." "Lets go." I smiled at his beautiful face. "What is it love?" "Oh nothing. I'm just lucky." "Why?" "Because I have you." I went into the kitchen and opened the cupboard. "Okay we have no food so were going to Starbucks." "Yay!" We drove to Starbucks and when we got there Harry was mobbed. It took 20 minutes just to get to the door. When we FINALLY got there, we ordered our drinks and food. I handed harry his drink "Thanks babe." We walked out to the car. Harry checked Twitter before we acctually got on the road. He was stormed with birthday tweets. "So.. Are we going home then to everybody's comings to the house?" "Yep that's the plan!" He shouted. "Oh god I love you." "Love you too. Now onward!" He started up the car. We drove to the house and then started cleaning up the house. "Baby! Do you think I should wear the green shirt or the white shirt?!" Harry yelled. "Green! You'll stain the white one! Ha ha!" "Ha ha very funny." "No I'm joking. But the green one males you look sexy." " I thought I already was sexy!" "You were hot. Sexy is better than hot." "Okay well for the record your sexy." He thinks I'm sexy? Wow. "No! I'm attractive! Ha ha." "No, you're so attractive your sexy!" " okay whatever." The next 2 hrs we spent getting ready and setting up the house. We had lots of snacks. We got carrots just for Louis. At 6, everyone showed up. We played games and watched movies and ate cake and gave presents. I could tell harry liked this birthday. After everyone left , I gave harry another present. "Here you go." I handed him a giant box. "Don't shake it." "Okay. " he slowly opened the box. He looked inside and screamed. "Ahh!! PUSSY!" It was a kitten. A brown and cream tabby cat. "Oh my gosh! Faith! I love it! " "Really?! Yay! It's a girl by the way." "Okay. I don't know what to name her." "Oh I do." "What?" "Darcy."
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