One Direction Imagines

Leave a description of yourself : name, hair color, eye color,which boy you want to be with and any specific details you would like in there as well! Also like and favorite!!


2. Charlotte and Niall

Charlottes POV.
Niall and I walked together on the beach. Our fingers intertwined. I sighed. " Is everything okay babe?" I looked up at his face. " Oh, yeah." I smiled " I am just really happy that were together" I loved being with Niall. He was the best. I loved his silliness and his beautiful smile. His love for food was so funny I crack up everything he eats. " Oh. Well I'm happy were together to too." He smiled. I stopped walking and leaned in to kiss him, he pushed his lips against mine. We kissed for a good 3 minutes. We then continued walking then it started to rain. Luckily we had clothes on instead of swim suits. We started running then I was picked up of the ground, bridal style. By Niall. I giggle and he started running. My brown hair was becoming soaked. I laughed as we finally reached his condo. We ran inside. " Hey Ni, can I take a shower?" " yeah sure thing babe. As long as you don't take all the hot water this time!" I laughed. I ran upstairs and took a hot shower. I walked downstairs to find Niall scarfing down a can of whipped cream. I bursted out laughing. "What? There was no food!" He shouted. "We'll whay if we go to Nandos after you take a shower?" I asked. He ran towards me and kissed my lips. "YES PLEASE!" He yelled. " okay but please take a shower first! You reek!" I chuckled. He took a 15 minute shower then we were ready to go. We hopped in the car and we finnaly got to Nando's. the food was great Niall scarfed it of course. We then went to his condo and watched Austin Powers. I laughed through the entire thing. By the time it was over it was 12:00 am. " you can stay over Charlotte if you want." " Okay, thanks Ni." I walked up to his bedroom and hopped onto his bed. I closed my eyes. This was a great day.
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