One Direction Imagines

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11. Alice and Niall

Alice's POV
"Nialler! It's starting! Hurry up!" I yelled from the downstairs couch of my apartment. "Okay babe, give me a second!" I groaned. "One! There it's been one second! Get your butt down here!" He ran downstairs over the railing onto the floor. The apartment shook. "What were you doing up there?" I asked him. He shook his head. I'm guessing what he meant to say was nothing? He walked over to the couch and say down next to me. I put my brown hair into a messy bun, then restedy head on his chest. I grabbed the remote to the T.V and clicked play. We were watching the X Factor. "Let's go Carly Rose!" I yelled. She was my favorite. Niall laughed. "What? I can be enthusiastic! Don't be mean!" I laughed. Then all of the sudden, Niall squeezedy hips and started to tickle me. "What the hell?! Stop! That tickles!" "Never!" "Haha stop! If I give you food will you stop?!" I yelled. He immediately stopped. I ran upstairs "hahaha. Just kidding!" He ran after me and tackled me on my bed. "Hahah okay, okay.. Ill get you food. Is pizza ok?" "Yes please." He said like a 5 year old. I kissed his cheek and walked downstairs. I ordered the pizza, and turned arou d to find Niall an inch away from my face. "Oh.. Well hello there!" He slowly came closer to my face. I pushed our lips together. Then my phone rang. "Great.. Ruined the moment." "Hahah." I ran to get my phone from the table. "Hello?" "Umm.. No, I think you have the wrong number..okay bye. Ugg now.. Where were we?" I smiled. I walked over to Niall. We started making out. He picked me up and took me to the couch. We were in a deep make-out session when the doorbell rang. "There's your pizza." "Thank you Alice!" He kissed my cheek and ran to the door. I got up and walked into the kitchen. He took half of the pizza while I took 1 piece. "Aren't you hungry babe?" "What? Oh no jot really. I had a big lunch with El." I walked over to the couch and sat on Nialls lap. I ate my piece of pizza and then walked upstairs to my room. "Hey Ni? Are you sleeping here or going to one if the boys' or your house?" "Um. I think I'll stay here if you want me too." "Okay that's fine. I'm going to sleep. I love you." "Ok. I'll come up after I clean up.goodnight. Love you too." I laid on the bed and went under the blankets. I heard niall walk in and he wrapped his arms aroundy waist. "Goodnight niall. I love you." "Goodnight Alice. Love you too." We both fell asleep instantly. That day was super long. But super fun.
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