Midnight in Manhattan

Kailey is an 18 year old girl who just moved to New York. Manhattan to be exact. She doesn't know it yet, but she will meet the most famous singer in the world at the most unexpected time, at the most unexpected place. And it will change her life forever.


19. Well that was unexpected..

Next morning:

I woke up before Justin. He was still sound asleep when i got changed. I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and when i came out, Justin was on his elbows on the bed. "Good morning sunshine." He smiled. I laughed, "morning." I went over to him and he picked me up and kissed me. "Last night was amazing." He winked. I giggled. Justin got up and put a shirt on and opened the door. "Wait!" I whispered yelled to him. He looked at me. I ruffled his hair a little. "You had sex hair." I laughed. we walked into the kitchen and saw Alexia and Nick watching tv. 

"Well good morning you two." Alexia said sarcastically. "What?" I asked laughing. "Nothing...oh nothing. Did you have fun last night?" She winked a little too over dramatic. I rolled my eyes. "Alexia!" "What? It's just a question!" "THAT missy, is none of your business." I told her. "Fine.." 

We all ate breakfast and got ready. Today was a kind of lazy day i guess. Everyone was tired especially Justin. We hung out watching a few movies, made popcorn. Alexia and Nick left to go get lunch while Justin and i stayed here and cuddled. I felt so safe in his arms. I didn't feel this way with anyone. Not even my parents. We were in the middle of Ted when there was a knock on the door. "I'll get it." Justin said getting up. I watched him open the door and reveal Selena standing there. "What the hell..?" I asked before i could stop it from escaping my lips. 

"Selena?" Justin asked. She stood there. "Hi Justin. Can i come in?" She asked. Justin hesitated but let her in. I stood up. "Hi Kailey." She slightly smiled. "Hi." I said crossing my arms. "What do you want Selena?" Justin asked. "Please don't be that way. I just wanted to say hi." She walked closer to Justin. He stepped back. I stepped forward. 'Look, please just leave. This is suppose to be just me and Kailey. No one else." Justin told her. I went over to Justin and he wrapped his hand around my waist. Selena looked down at his hand and glared a little. Justin kept looking at her. "Please Justin, can i talk to you outside for a second?" She begged. Justin sighed and let go of me. "I'll be just a minute ok?" He said. "Justin...i don't-" "Trust me. Nothings between us anymore. I love YOU not her." "Ok fine. Be quick." He nodded and led Selena out in the hallway. 

Justin's POV:

I led Selena out to the hallway. "Alright Selena, what do you-" I was cut off by her lips. She pushed me against the a wall and kissed me. Hard. I pushed her off. "What was that for?!" I asked angrily. "You know you liked it.." She looked at me with hungry eyes and met my lips again. I pushed her off again. "No stop! I'm with Kailey!" "But..you still love me.." She said. "What..??" I asked in surprise. "You HAVE to still love me...I mean I broke up with YOU." "What does that even mean?? Once you broke up with me, yes, i was heartbroken, but then i met Kailey and she helped me and now i love her." I explained. "You're lying." She said and kissed me again, pushing me on the wall. I didn't kiss back though. I pushed her off. "Stop! I DO NOT love you anymore." 

She glared at me. Then she looked away and kissed me again. I attempted to push her off but her hands were on my waist so i couldn't. "Justin..?" I heard. I pulled away and Kailey stood there with hurt eyes about to cry. "Kailey! This isn't what it looks like!" I told her pushing Selena off me. I walked over to Kailey but she backed away. She shook her head. "Oh really? It looks like you were making out with your EX." Kailey said trying not to cry. "Kailey, please-" I couldn't finish. She slammed the door in my face. I sighed. 

"Well...it looks like you're single now.." Selena took one of my hands. I backed off. "This is YOUR fault. Just leave Selena." I said walking away. 

Kailey's POV:

I slammed the door and ran into the room and fell on the couch and cried. I buried my face in my knees which were up to my chin. A few seconds later, Alexia and Nick walked in laughing until they saw me. Alexia ran over to me. "Kailey, what's wrong?? I saw Justin walk outside." I sniffed. "H-he...went out-outside to talk to S-Selena and-" "Wait, Selena is here?" I nodded. "Why?" Nick came over and asked. I shrugged. "But, they went out in-in the hall-hallway and when i-i went to check, they were-were...kissing." I started to cry again. Alexia hugged me. "Oh my god..that's horrible! But why would Justin do that? He loves you." "Apparently not as much as i thought.." I wiped my eyes. "I'm going to go find out what this is about." She got up. "What are you going to do?" I asked. "Talk to Justin." She opened the door and left. Nick stood there awkwardly until he walked into his room. I hugged a pillow and continued to cry. I thought Justin and i would be able to stay together without no drama or cheating...I guess not.


Later that night:

Alexia told me that Justin didn't kiss Selena, Selena kissed Justin. I kinda believed it but not really. Justin came into the bedroom and got undressed. I was on my iPhone. "Hey, can we talk? we really need to."He said. "Fine." I said. He sat on the bed. "Look, it's true that Selena kissed me. I didn't kiss her. I didn't even kiss back. I swear. I wouldn't lie." 

I thought about it. "I guess you're right. You wouldn't but you have to promise me, NO MORE Selena." "No more Selena." He smiled. I smiled. He hugged me and then our lips met. I hate being mad at him. It's like half of me is missing when he's not around or we're not talking. 

Next day:

Justin and i went to a cute little cafe for breakfast and we were walking along the beach hand in hand. A few fans came up to ask for an autograph or picture but it was nice. But of course, knowing Justin, he had to throw me in the water....he did and i pushed him in. 

Once we got back to the hotel, we showered and got ready. I didn't want to feel like salt water all day. After we were ready, me, Justin, Alexia and Nick went on a double date for dinner and after dinner, we went to see a movie. Safe Haven. It was so good. Cute, sad, etc. 

At the hotel, Justin said he had to go get something from the car he forgot so he left and Alexia, Nick and I watched tv, more like talk though. 


"Where's Justin? He's been gone for like 20 minutes and I'm sure it doesn't take him that long to get something from the car." Alexia questioned. I shrugged. "I don't know. I'll go check." I got up and opened the door. I walked down the long hallway and turned a corner where all the elevators were when i saw two people kissing against a wall. My heart stopped when i realized it was Justin and Selena. 

"Justin?!" I asked in shock. He pulled away. "Kailey! Oh no...this isn't what it looks like!" Selena pulled him in again. "Selena stop!" He said and walked towards me. I backed away. Tears were forming in my eyes. I shook my head in disbelief. I ran away to the hotel room. "Kailey!" Justin yelled. I ran with tears streaming down my face.I unlocked the door and ran in. "Kailey???" Alexia ran after me to my room. I landed on my bed.

"Kailey what happened??" I looked at her with red, puffy eyes. "Same thing?" She asked. I nodded. She groaned and left the room. A few minutes later i heard yelling. "How could you hurt my best friend like that?! And TWICE?!" "I'm sorry! It was Selena! She still loves me!" And more yelling. I just continued to cry in my pillow until i heard a knock on my door. "Kailey, please open up." Justin's muffled voice came through the door. I sniffed. "Go away. I don't want to talk to you." I said. "please Kailey. I'm sorry.." A minute of silence and i heard a sigh and then footsteps. I lay on the bed for most of the night. Alexia brought me food and told me Justin has been out for the whole day and hasn't returned. "Fine with me." I told her. I ate my food slowly. I dragged my heartbroken body out of bed to run a bath. Maybe it'll relax me. 

After i got dressed after my bath, i laid on the bed again. I felt like crying but no tears came out. I cried myself dry. 

Around 11, there was a knock on my door and i finally opened it. I figured it was Justin so i grabbed a pillow and blanket and handed it to him. "The couch is all yours." I told him. He took it left. We didn't talk for a while because there was nothing to say. I knew what Justin had did and there wasn't anything he could do. 

The next morning, I was with Alexia and Justin came in. He obviously didn't know i was in there because he stopped and said, "Oh, I was just...uh, bye." Alexia looked at me. "What?" I asked. "You need to talk to him. Fix things." "But why? HE should be apologizing to ME." "Well, it's hard when you don't believe him." "Because I SAW it happen! And of course Justin's going to tell me SELENA kissed HIM! Ugh i just don't know what to do.." I put my head in my hands. Alexia patted my back. 

Around 1, Alexia and i came back from lunch and Justin was standing there. Alexia walked away to leave us to talk..thanks Alexia..

"Can we please talk?" Justin asked. I sighed. "Fine." I walked to the living room and waited for him. "Look...I'm so sorry about Selena. She still loves me and-" "Save it Justin. I saw what happened and it's obvious you still love Selena." "What?! NO i DON'T! I love YOU!" He said. "Really? Because it sure seems like you love Selena because from the way you were kissing her you really liked it." "SHE kissed ME! I would never kiss her!" "Then why did you let her?!" I demanded. 

He looked at his hands, trying to think of an answer. "Exactly." I said walking into my room. I started to get my suitcase out. "What are you doing???" Justin asked. "I'm leaving." I said. "What. why?? You still have 2 1/2 weeks here!" Justin told me. "Well have fun. Without me." I said grabbing my clothes out of the drawers. "You can't leave!" He yelled. "And why not??" "Because...because...I said so! I'm paying for all of this!" "Then YOU stay here! I don't care but I'm leaving!" Justin groaned. "Why exactly are you leaving?" He asked. 

"Because Justin, I don't want to be here if we're fighting and if Selena is still here, I defiantly don't want to be here." 

I finished packing and got my stuff out by the kitchen. Alexia came out and her mouth dropped. "Where are you going??" "I'm leaving. You can stay but I can't stay here anymore. I'm sorry." She came over and hugged me. "I'll come see you as soon as i can ok?" I nodded. Justin came out with a sad face. "Please don't leave.." "I've got to. Sorry." I grabbed my suitcase and opened the door but Justin grabbed my arm. "Let go Justin." "Please..i'm sorry,." He said looking at me. I looked down at my feet and shook my head. "I've got to. I guess we're not meant to be." Justin's face fell as those words left my mouth. "What..?" He asked. "Goodbye Justin." I said. He let go of my arm and i walked out the door to the elevator. 

As I got to the limo, tears were streaming down my face. 


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