Midnight in Manhattan

Kailey is an 18 year old girl who just moved to New York. Manhattan to be exact. She doesn't know it yet, but she will meet the most famous singer in the world at the most unexpected time, at the most unexpected place. And it will change her life forever.


26. Waiting

2 days later:

"When can we see Justin?" I asked Scooter. He was on his phone doing something. He looked up. "I'm not sure. Today, but we have this radio interview first." He said. "Why do we need to announce this over RADIO? Can't we announce it through a tweet or something?" I asked fiddling with my crutches which were in between my legs. "Because i feel like it would just be better this way. I will make the announcement don't worry. You just have to comment on how you're doing and answer any questions." He told me. I nodded looking out the window. I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked over and Dan and Ryan were looking at me. "What?" "Everything will work itself out ok?" Dan said. I nodded. I looked out the window again.

I was doing fine. My ankle was healing but one thing that wasn't healing was my heart.


"So we have part of Justin Bieber's crew here with us. They say they have a very important announcement to make. Go ahead guys." The radio host, Jeff said. Scooter nodded. "Well hey guys. It's Scooter here. We haven't really said a lot about Justin's condition since the accident.We thank you for all the get wells and nice tweets." Scooter talked into the mic.

"Kailey is doing a lot better but Justin is..." he trailed off. I looked down letting a tear escape my eye. "Justin is in a coma." I heard a little gasp escape Jeff's mouth. "he has been for about a week now. We didn't want to say anything until a little while after the accident and Kailey was released from the hospital."

"That's awful. I'm so sorry." Jeff said. we nodded. "Do you know when he'll wake up?" Scooter shook his head. "No. The doctors said it depends on his body. But PLEASE do not surround the hospital. You will get kicked off the property. I know you all care about him but just please don't surround the hospital.We're already trying to reschedule concerts and everything. Thanks."

"Well i sure hope Justin gets better. Does he have any other injuries?" Jeff asked. Scooter looked at me as if for me to answer. I moved forward in my seat a little. "Hey everyone. It's Kailey here. I just want to say hi and i'm fine. Thank you for all the tweets and trends. Justin has a concussion, broken ankle, and obviously is in a...coma." I struggled with the last word.

"We are all praying for you and Justin to make a full recovery. Anything else you'd like to add?"

"Please listen to Scooter, don't surround the hospital. The hospital staff WILL kick you off the property. Thanks. I love you all." "Before you all go, Kailey, I see you have crutches, what did you break?" I looked down. "I broke my left ankle and i'm getting over a mild concussion." He nodded. "Looks like you and Justin are meant to be." He smiled slightly. I gave a look of confusion. "You both broke your left ankle. It's totally meant to be." I smiled a little.

After the interview we went to the hospital and of course, there were a few fans and Kenny told them to leave. We got visitors passes and walked down the hall to Justin's room. Alexia came last minute. She wanted to be there for me.

I hesitantly opened his door. I was already fighting tears. Alexia gave me a little push. "You can do it." She smiled encouragingly. I crutched my way over to his bed and sat on the chair. I heard the monitors beeping and there laid Justin. Motionless like usual. His bandage on his head was gone though which had to be good. The oxygen tubes were still in his nose and the IVs still in. I wiped away a few tears that escaped from my eyes. I held his right hand. "Justin...if you can hear me...please wake up. I can't stand life without you. I-I just can't imagine life if you aren't here...PLEASE wake up.."

I leaned on his bed and cried. I looked up and looked at him. "I've tried so hard to be brave...but i can't anymore..I just-I just can't...everyone has expected me to put o a smile everywhere i go but i can't anymore...I just can't.." I sniffed and wiped my cheeks.

"Please Justin...wake up. That's all i ask for...I want to see your beautiful brown eyes and your amazing smile. I want to feel your kisses again...I want to feel your arms wrapped around me again..Please.." I put my head in my hands. I felt hands on my shoulders and Alexia leaned down to my level.

"Hey, hey.." she said using her finger to lift my chin. I looked at her with watery eyes. "everything's gonna be alright ok? You need rest now. C'mon." She helped me up and grabbed my crutches. I leaned down and kissed Justin's cheek. 

"I love you Justin. Forever and always." 


On the car ride home, I leaned against my elbow and looked out the window at the rainy cloudy day. 

Nothing seemed normal anymore. It seemed like everyone was sad. Even the towns people.

It's like Justin being in a coma affected everyone.

But I felt like it affected my heart worse.

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