Midnight in Manhattan

Kailey is an 18 year old girl who just moved to New York. Manhattan to be exact. She doesn't know it yet, but she will meet the most famous singer in the world at the most unexpected time, at the most unexpected place. And it will change her life forever.


25. Sadness

The next day:

I woke up the next morning in not as much pain. I still hurt but not as much as yesterday. I got on my phone and went on twitter where thousands of fans and i mean THOUSANDS were tweeting me and Justin. They were all get wells and recover fast. 

But what they didn't know was Justin was in a coma. Scooter and the team and especially Pattie didn't want the media and news to know yet. All the fans know is Justin is injured worst then me. 

I looked at some of my mentions and tweets and i have to admit, they made me smile:

Get better soon @KaileyOfficial! 

@KaileyOfficial Please get well soon! 

I hope @justinbieber and @KaileyOfficial get better soon. We're all worried about them

I heard what happened to @KaileyOfficial and @justinbieber! I hope they're ok! D:

@KaileyOfficial We love you! Get well soon! :)

I retweeted some and then i saw the number one trend in the world was:

And the second one was:

I smiled at that too. I decided to tweet to let everyone know I was fine:

Thanks for all the tweets everyone! I saw the trends. You got me smiling. Thanks. #MuchLove

Wow i sound like Justin when i tweet. I sen another:

Justin and I are fine. Thanks for caring so much. Will be in the hospital another day. Love u all

I quickly got more tweets, retweets and mentions and all that. I put my phone away and saw my door crack open. Secretly i hoped it was Justin but i knew that was impossible. Alexia, Dan and Ryan came in and smiled when they saw i was awake. 

"Hey Kailey."Ryan said quietly. "Hey guys." I said. They walked in. "How are you feeling?" Alexia asked. I shrugged. "I'm alright. I hurt." They nodded. "So...um, how's Justin?" I asked hesitantly. They looked at each other. Before they were able to tell me the doctor came in with a nurse behind him. He had a clipboard with him as well. 

"Well good morning Kailey." He smiled. I faked a smile. The nurse, Jamie, took my vitals and blood pressure and all that. "Looks like you're recovering quite well. Obviously, you'll need time to recover at home and you'll be in a cast for your ankle for 3 weeks with crutches then just a cast for a week or so and then you'll be good." The doctor told me. I nodded.

"What about my head? It hurts." I asked. "Well, there's nothing really you can do for a concussion except pain killers and rest. Sometimes ice." I nodded.

He wrote something on his clipboard and i looked at Dan, Ryan and Alexia. "So, uh...how's Justin?" I asked hesitantly again. He put down his clipboard and cleared his throat. "Well...Justin has a pretty serious concussion, his left ankle is broken as well." He said. "No i know that. I'm wondering about you know...the coma."

"Oh. Right. Well, we don't know how long he'll be in a coma. Could be days, weeks, months.." "Months??" He nodded. "All depends on his body." "Can i see him...please?" I asked. He looked at the nurse and she nodded slightly. "You can. We'll get you a wheelchair."

They left and Alexia helped me sit up on the edge of the bed. Jamie came back in with a wheelchair. Dan helped me over to it. I could barely put any weight on my ankle it hurt so much. I sat down in the wheelchair and Jamie wheeled me to Justin's room with Dan, Alexia and Ryan behind.

We got to room 194 and she opened the door and wheeled me in. I covered my mouth in shock. There was Justin. In the hospital bed. Motionless. There were cuts and bruises all over him too. He had oxygen tubes in his nose. He had IVs in both hands and two different machines were beeping. One for oxygen level and one for blood pressure. He had a bandage wrap around his head and his eyes were all puffy looking. I got wheeled closer and i started to cry. 

Jamie left and Dan, Ryan and Alexia stayed in the hall. I put my IV'd hand on his IV'd hand. "Oh Justin.." I said crying quietly. I rubbed his hand with my thumb. "I'm so sorry this happened...look at you. You're...you're broken. Hurt.." I sniffed. I put my head down on his bed. "Please...Please wake up Justin...i don't know what I'll do without you." 

"Please wake up..." I picked my head up and wiped a few tears sliding down my cheeks. "I love you so much..so so much. I just want you to be ok." I continued to cry. I felt hands on my shoulders and Alexia looked down at me with sad eyes. "Let's take you back to your room ok?" I nodded. She started to wheel me away. I held onto Justin's hand as long as i could. I looked behind me. "I love you Justin.." I whispered. 


"You got it?" Ryan asked me. I nodded as he handed me my crutches and i got out of the car. We walked toward the hotel and fans were lined up. 

"Kailey! Kailey!" They yelled. I smiled slightly and waved. "Get well soon! Is Justin ok? Where is he?" Some of them asked. I looked at Scooter and he shook his head, telling me to not tell them yet. "He's..uh, fine. Getting tests done. But he's ok." I faked a smile. They screamed happily. 

If only they knew what was really going on..

"Here Kailey!" I young girl handed me a book. "What's this?" I asked. "A scrapbook full of memories of you and Justin and just..pictures." She smiled. The cover had me and Justin on it and at the top said, "Jailey. A true love." I smiled. "Aw thank you." I smiled and hugged her.

We all went inside and in our room, i got a pillow and propped up my foot and started to look through the book. 

There were pictures of Justin and i from several places. From the day we first met and until...2 days ago. I got sad from looking at the pictures. Knowing Justin might not wake up. I put the book down and decided to take a nap. 

Maybe a nap will take my mind off of Justin. 

Probably not. 

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