Midnight in Manhattan

Kailey is an 18 year old girl who just moved to New York. Manhattan to be exact. She doesn't know it yet, but she will meet the most famous singer in the world at the most unexpected time, at the most unexpected place. And it will change her life forever.


23. Payback


Kailey's POV:

I woke up the next morning with a pain in my head. I touched my head and winced. I forgot I got hit with a rock yesterday. Now I have a big bump on my head the size of a baseball. Not really, but it felt like it. I looked next to me and Justin wasn't there. He's probably getting breakfast or something. I got out of bed and walked into the bathroom to take a shower and get ready. It was almost  10. 

Justin's POV:

I put my pointer finger in front of my lips to try to quiet the fans outside the hotel down. They did as I said and they quieted down. I came outside and a few screams escaped their mouths. "Shhh...be quiet ok?" I said. "What are you doing Justin?" One asked. "Where's Kailey? Is she ok?" Another asked. "She's still sleeping and she is fine. I have a plan on how to get the paparazzi back." I smirked. "What??" "What is it??" They started asking. I got closer to them. "Ok here's the plan..."

Kailey's POV:

I was finished getting ready so i headed downstairs to see if Justin was down there. I entered the lobby and saw several people down for breakfast but none of them was Justin. I looked around and saw fans outside and...Justin. What was he doing? I opened the door and the fans screamed when i got outside. I waved to them. Justin came up to me and hugged me. "What's going on?" I asked smirking at him. "Just a little plan to get the papz back." He smiled. "Justin...I don't know if-" "C'mon, it'll be fun!" He grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the fans. "So, what's going to happen is me and you are going to come to the hotel lobby and we're going to be all lovey dovey and when the paparazzi come the fans will start yelling "Justin Bieber and Kailey are in there! And stuff like that and they'll come running over here and just as we open the doors to come out of the hotel, the fans are going to bombard them with blankets and flashing cameras and act like THEY are the paparazzi and eventually run them out." He smiled proudly. I thought for a minute. "I guess that could work. But you guys have to make it seem really real." I looked at the fans. They nodded. "You have your cameras ready?" Justin asked. They nodded. "Let's do this." I said narrowing my eyes.

Justin and i walked through the lobby to where all the elevators are and waited for the signal which was one of the hotel workers flicking their nose. "How do you know the paparazzi are going to come?" I asked. "They are always here. Every morning and evening." I nodded and waited  

A few minutes later a hotel worker came by and flicked his nose. We intertwined our fingers and started walking through the lobby again. This time all lovey dovey. "Look! It's Justin Bieber and Kailey!!" I heard a fan yell. Pretty soon the doors were surrounded by cameras. I looked at him and he nodded. We opened the door and before we could step out the papz were covered in blankets and flashing lights started. I looked at the fans who were taking pictures and laughing and saying, "That's it, work it! Work it!" i started laughing and so did Justin.

After a minute or so, the paparazzi took off their blankets and glared at us and them. The fans continued to take pictures and then....the papz walked away. They walked away.

Once they were out of sight, we high fived each other. "I can't believe that worked." I said. "And you doubted my plan." Justin smirked. I rolled my eyes and looked away. He pulled my chin to him and kissed me. I heard "Awww's" Coming from the fans. We pulled apart.

"Thanks for doing that guys." I said. "Yea. I really DO have the best fans in the world. Love you! My Beliebers." He smiled. He decided to take pictures with them so i headed back up to our room. Wow. That was actually..fun.




Later that night, the team, me and Justin were hanging out in the hotel room watching tv. "Change the channel...this show sucks." Justin complained. Dan changed it and went through all the channels. I thought i saw my face so i grabbed the remote. "Hey!" Dan yelled. "Relax. I thought i saw something.." I switched the channel and i DID see my face. And Justin's. He sat up and looked at the tv. We all did. The host said:

Looks like paparazzi won't be bothering Justin anymore. Look at this video a fan recorded.   

She showed the video of the whole plan we planned. Justin and i looked at each other. 

Wow. That was sure something! Sounds like they all had fun being the paparazzi of the...paparazzi. And we'd all like to say, good job Justin and Kailey. We know the papz can be annoying and rude sometimes. We're glad you took the matter in your own hands. They shouldn't bother you as much anymore. 

The team started clapping for us. "Good job guys! That sure taught the papz not to mess with you anymore!" Ryan laughed. 

"We had to do something. I couldn't just let what happened to Kailey go." Justin said. I smiled at him and kissed him. "What was that for?" He asked. I shrugged. "Just to thank you i guess. I'm glad i have such a caring boyfriend." I smiled. He kissed me and smiled in the kiss. "It's all worth it.." 

A/N: Sorry short chapter! I don't have time to write a long one! But i will next time! So please comment and tell me what you think! Thanks! xx

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