Midnight in Manhattan

Kailey is an 18 year old girl who just moved to New York. Manhattan to be exact. She doesn't know it yet, but she will meet the most famous singer in the world at the most unexpected time, at the most unexpected place. And it will change her life forever.


22. Paparazzi

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"Are you sure Justin won't hurt you again?" Alexia asked. I nodded. "I'm sure. Trust me, if you saw the look in his eyes when he said those things, you would know he meant it." I explained to her. I took a sip of my raspberry tea. We were sitting outside of Starbucks the next day. Alexia wanted to talk without Justin there. 'Well...ok. But if he hurts you EVER again, I WILL break his neck." I laughed. "Thanks but i don't think that will be necessary." 

I finished off my tea and i felt two hands cover my eyes and everything went dark. "Ah!" I screamed in surprise. I pulled the hands off me and Justin kissed my cheek. I giggled and kissed him. "Hey baby." He said coming in front of me. "Hey." I smiled. He looked at Alexia and she crossed her arms. "What's with the tude?" He asked her. "I'll have you know, that if you hurt Kailey again, I WILL break you in half." She said seriously. "Don't worry..I won't." He smiled at her but she gave him a straight face. His face went from smiling to a frown. "Fine. Don't believe me but I won't hurt her again. Trust me." 

She rolled her eyes. "Ok, i believe you." She finally smiled. "Yay! Now we can all be friends." Justin smiled and brought us in a hug. "I didn't know we were 'just friends'" I looked at Justin with a smirk. Alexia rolled her eyes, got up and left. He looked back at me and sat on my lap. "Oof!" I let out a breath from his weight. He leaned down and kissed me a little too hard and i kissed back. "You're definitely more then friends." He whispered in my ear and i felt his hot minty breath on my neck which made me shiver. I looked away and giggled. 

I felt my legs start to go numb so i pushed Justin off me. "You were getting heavy." I complained but joked. "Are you calling me fat?!" He asked over dramatically. "Yes! You are SO fat!" I said sarcastically. He then picked me up and tickled me. "Justin stop!!" I laughed. "Stop!!" He sat down on a chair with me in his arms still. I moved so i was sitting on his lap. We started kissing. Well, more like making out when i saw flashes in the corner of my eye. I pulled away. "Why you pull away?" Justin asked. "That's why.." I pointed across the street. Paparazzi were lined up across the street with cameras.  

"Oh shit." He said under his breath. He grabbed my hand and ran into Starbucks. We hid behind the backs of a booth. "They're always ruining everything." Justin complained. I nodded in agreement. He looked up and cameras flashed from outside the store. He leaned down. "How are we suppose to get out of here?" I asked. I looked around the booth. "They are everywhere." 

Just then a worker came to where we were. "Come with me. I'll help you." she said. We followed her to the back. "This is the employee door but this is an emergency. Go out this door." "Thank you." We said and went out the door. We slowly inched our way out. Once we were outside, we started fast walking to the Justin's hotel. That didn't work though....pretty soon the paparazzi noticed us fast walking and followed us. "Run! RUN!" Justin yelled. We started running. I pulled Justin and turned into an alley and the paparazzi ran past us. We panted, out of breath. "Have they always been this bad?" I asked. He shook his head. "When i have a girlfriend, they're a lot worse. If you didn't notice with Selena." "Well, what do we do now?" I ask. He looked around the corner. 

"Why look who i ran into.." We heard a girly voice say. My eyes widened at Justin. I turned my head and Selena stood there with a camera. "What are you doing here." Justin didn't question. "Oh you know...walking around town...getting things. Like pictures of you two." She said and picked up her camera and i heard a click. I narrowed my eyes.

"What is you PROBLEM??" I asked angrily. "Oh I don't have a problem...I just like ruining your relationship." She snickered.

(Ok, Selena isn't really like this! Just in this story. No hate to her)

"Well stop. I'm tired of you always ruining things. Can't you see Justin and i are happy?" I heard another click and Selena laughed evilly. 

Justin pushed me behind him. "Selena just get out of here. You wouldn't give those pictures to editors of any magazines because YOU wouldn't be in any of them." Oh burn! She laughed again. "Not that you know of. Just wait. I got pictures without you knowing." She sneered. "What??" I asked. She nodded. "Well, I gotta go now. I have pictures to turn in.." She walked away.

"I swear Selena! You'll get in trouble for this at some point!" Justin yelled. He groaned in frustration. "It's ok. Let's just go." I said. We walked down the street when something hit my head. "Kailey!" Justin yelled. I fell to the ground and everything went black.


Justin's POV:

"You sure you're ok babe?" I asked Kailey. I handed her an ice pack and she put it on her head. "Ow." She whined. "She leaned back on my bed against the pillows. "Funny, I pictured paparazzi, I don't know...nicer." She said. I nodded. "Me too. Scooter is working everything out though. Don't worry." She nodded.

I just can't believe a freaking pap would HIT MY girlfriend on the head with a ROCK. I mean, how SICK is that?! I'm still furious.

Scooter was working out the issues. Like if we should sue the guy or not. I think we should. He obviously did it on purpose. I left Kailey to rest and i turned on the tv and saw pictures of me and Kailey outside of Starbucks today....kissing, me tickling her and us inside Starbucks. God damn it! Stupid paparazzi! Can't they leave us alone?! Then I saw pictures Selena took...oh that little...nope. Not gonna say it. 

The news host said:

Looks like Jailey IS back on! Oh what does Selena think??  

I rolled my eyes. Then they showed a picture of Kailey passed out on the ground and me and a few people around her.

Sources say, Kailey got hit on the head with a rock by a paparazzi. But she is good now and recovering. I bet Justin is pretty mad about this. More to come up next!

I turned off the tv and took out my phone. I clicked twitter and sent out a tweet:

Sometimes I cant believe the paparazzi. they make me mad. getting pics of me is fine but HITTING my girlfriend? not cool

A/N: Justin's pretty mad!! Stupid paparazzi. What will happen next?? 

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