Midnight in Manhattan

Kailey is an 18 year old girl who just moved to New York. Manhattan to be exact. She doesn't know it yet, but she will meet the most famous singer in the world at the most unexpected time, at the most unexpected place. And it will change her life forever.


3. New neighbors & Justin Bieber

The next day:

Waking up in a new place is always weird. I check my phone and I read 10:15am. I sit up and stretch. What to do today...what to do...

After I got ready, I went to the kitchen and I realized, i don't have any food yet. Ugh, i have to go to the store. As i grab my things, there's a knock on my door. I go and look through the peep hole; there's a young girl smiling. I open the door. 

"Hi there!" She says. 

"Hi." I say. 

"I'm Lily, your neighbor across the hall." She smiled. 

"Oh, well hi. Nice to meet you." I shake her hand. "I'm glad someone came to welcome me." I laughed slightly.

"Well, i'm here! I just figured you wanted to know at least ONE person in the building." She laughed.

She came in and looked around. "Nice place." She said. "Thanks. My parents are paying for it, so it's nice." I told her. She nodded. There was an awkward silence for a minute. She looked at my hands, which had my phone and wallet. 

"You heading some place?" She asked. I nodded. "The store. I have no food." 

"Oh! Well come with me! I'll show you where the nearest store is!" I followed her out. Once outside, we walked a few blocks and go to a shopping center. 

"This is where the best grocery store is." She gestured toward the store. "Ok thanks so much." I smiled. We exchanged numbers. 
"I'll text you and we could hang out!" Lily said. "Yes! Text me sometime." We hugged and she left to go to work.

I went inside the store and grabbed a cart and started looking around for food i liked.


"Well, fancy seeing you here." I looked up and turned my head to see Justin in sunglasses and his hood up. "Not that fancy." I smiled and joked. 

"What are you doing here? He asked. 

"Oh, you know, hunting elephants." I said sarcastically. 

"Very funny." He laughed. 

"What are you doing here?" I asked with a smile. 

"Getting food. Duh." He stuck out his tongue. I just looked at him. "What?" He asked.

"Nothing. Just surprised the most famous singer in the world is at a grocery store." I told him.

"I like to be normal. You know, go to the movies, go bowling, go to grocery stores." He gestured to the store.

"Ok, ok. I get it. It's cool you do all that stuff." He nodded. I walked out of the aisle and to the check out. I grabbed my wallet and got out my money, but Justin stopped me. 

"What are you doing?" I asked. 

"Paying." He simply said. 

"But why? You barely know me and i have money." 

"Because i'm a gentleman and i pay for girls." He smiled. 

"I'll pay Justin. It's fine." I pushed him away jokingly. He pushed me then poked my side and i squealed. I covered my mouth with wide eyes. He looked at me.

"You're ticklish huh?" He asked and narrowed his eyes.

"Uh..no." I said. Then he poked me again and i squealed again. He kept poking and tickling me and i laughed and screamed. "Justin stop!" I laughed. "Not until you let me pay!" He said poking me. "Fine!" I finally said. He stopped and slid his card in the card thing. We grabbed my bags and left.

"That was embarrassing " I said. He laughed. "Shut up." I playfully hit his arm.

"That was entertaining." Justin laughed.

"Now you'll use that to your advantage..." I sighed. "You bet." He winked. We got to our building and he helped me put my food away.

"Nice place." He said. "Thanks."

We were silent for a few seconds. Justin took a seat on one of the bar stools at the kitchen.

"So...I'm performing tomorrow, you wanna come and watch me?" He asked.

"You'd invite me to watch you perform and we barely know each other?" I asked.

He shrugged. "We know enough. What do you say? Please...?" He gave a puppy dog look. His big brown eyes shining from the sunlight. They were so pretty. Wait, what? What was i saying? I can say he has pretty eyes right?

"Sure. I'll come." I told him. 

"Yay!" He came over to me and hugged me. He was adorable. 

"Come to my room at 5 tomorrow. My room number is 3A." He said. I nodded. 

"See ya then." He smiled and kissed my cheek. He left and i touched the place where his lips touched my skin. It was all tingly. 

What was happening to me? Am I starting to like Justin? No, i can't. I won't. It can't happen. 

But what if it does?

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