Midnight in Manhattan

Kailey is an 18 year old girl who just moved to New York. Manhattan to be exact. She doesn't know it yet, but she will meet the most famous singer in the world at the most unexpected time, at the most unexpected place. And it will change her life forever.


30. Interview


Today was going to be an interesting day. Justin had his first interview since the accident. It was on the Today Show. He was nervous and I don't blame him. He had a big boot on his leg and he hated it. I think the worse part is, is he can't perform yet. He is the happiest on stage singing for his fans and he can't yet until the doctor gives him approval. AND when he can put more weight on it. 

We are waiting for the host, Matt Lauer, of the show to announce him up. I could tell he was nervous because he was fidgeting with his fingers.

"You'll be fine. And do great." I put my hand on his hands and he looked at me and smiled. 

"Just think of this as a normal interview." He nodded. 

"Go get 'em tiger." Ryan pushed him a little when his name was called. Justin limped out on stage and the audience went wild. Fans and even people that probably weren't fans cheered. He waved and smiled. He hugged Matt. He sat down and just kept smiling. 

"Thanks so much for coming today Justin. I know it must be hard." Matt said. 

"No problem."

"So how have you been lately?" Justin shrugged. "I'm alright. Getting better each day." 

"That's good to hear. Now, if you don't mind, can you tell us what happened?" 

Justin took a deep breath. "Well, my girlfriend Kailey and I were out driving the town in Rhode Island. I was about to turn when a car ran into us head on and made the car roll a few times. I don't remember what happened because I guess i flew through the windshield and went unconscious. I'm telling you what doctors have told me." Matt nodded. "That's awful. I'm so sorry that happened. What injuries did you get? And Kailey?" 

"I got a pretty bad concussion, my left ankle is broken as you can see, and just a bunch of bruises and cuts." 

"And I heard Kailey broke her left ankle as well." 

Justin nodded. "She did. And she got a slight concussion."  "And you both are recovering well?" He nodded. 

"Kailey is pretty much all better. And me..well, obviously i have a little bit to go." He slightly laughed. 

"Well i think we're all just glad you two are better." The audience clapped. 

"I know you probably don't like talking about this, but i think we'd all like to know how long you were in a coma for?" Justin looked down at his hands. "2 1/2 weeks." He answered. Matt gave a sort of sorrowful look. "I'm sorry. I know this is hard to talk about." "It's ok. I guess talking about it helps. I haven't really talked about since the accident." 

"Well if you're sure." Justin nodded.

"Your fans were very sad when you were in a coma. And I'm sure your friends and family were even more upset." "They were. But if it wasn't for them and my fans, i wouldn't be here today. They just kept praying for me everyday." Matt nodded. "I think the whole world was praying for you Justin." He smiled. "Thank you. An thank you to the fans. I love you all." 

"Do you feel lucky that you woke up?" Justin nodded. "Definitely. I feel SO grateful and lucky to have like, a second chance i guess." He looked back at me for a second and i smiled at him. 

"You're very lucky to have such good people around you. Like your girlfriend." Matt smiled. Justin automatically smiled too. "Yea..she's pretty great." 

"I see that smile.." Matt smiled looking at a piece of paper. "How long have you been dating?" "Um..almost 6 months." (I can't remember when they started dating so i made up a time! Lol)

"Are you happy?" He asked. Justin looked up at Matt. "Yea. I am. Really happy." "That's great. Kailey has helped you recover and everything?" He nodded. "Yes she has. She's great." 

"Do you think you're in love?" Matt asked. Justin looked down and smiled. Then he looked up. "Yea. I think i am." 

My heart fluttered. "Did ya hear that? Justin's IN LOVE with you! Ohhhh." Ryan nudged me. I laughed. "Shut up Ryan." 

I walked away and went over to the food table and thought for a minute. I know I love Justin and NOW I know he's IN love with me. Am I in love with him? I heard clapping and cheering and then Justin walk to me. I hugged him. "Good job babe. I knew you'd do great." I smiled. "Thanks. I must say, I think you're my good luck charm." He smiled and kissed me making butterflies explode. Yep. I'm DEFINITELY in love with him. 

And I couldn't be happier.

A/N: Please read my new story Justin's IT girl! It'd mean a lot! Thanks! (: xx 

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