Midnight in Manhattan

Kailey is an 18 year old girl who just moved to New York. Manhattan to be exact. She doesn't know it yet, but she will meet the most famous singer in the world at the most unexpected time, at the most unexpected place. And it will change her life forever.


14. Hawaii

The limo picked us up right at 8am. Justin really got us the nicest limo ever. It could seat 15 people and had neon lights on the roof. There was a little bar, but for us, there was soda and sparkling cider haha. Alexia poured us a glass of cider and she raised her glass. 

"Here's to the trip. Let's have a great time." She smiled and I nodded smiling. We clanged our glasses and took a ship. It was about a 40 minute drive to the airport with traffic. Once we got there the driver opened our door and handed us our luggage. We thanked him and headed into the airport to check in. Our first stop was in Atlanta, GA where we had an hour layover then we got onto another plane which stopped in Denver, CO! I was happy it stopped in Denver, I could have an hour back in my town haha. THEN on another plane until we stop to California and THEN it flies to Honolulu. It's going to be a long day..

2:30 PM, Denver, CO:

We've already flown for 4 hours and we still have 6 more hours to go...oh well. I'm glad we get to spend an hour or so in Colorado! I called my parents and told them everything. They were happy I finally get to go to Hawaii and not on their dime ha. Even though I don't talk to my parents much, I still love them. And they love me.

Once we get onto the other plane we head to first class because Justin didn't want us in coach ha. I wouldn't mind but I don't mind first class either. We get our seats and immediately a flight attendant brings us water. We thank her and wait for take off. A few minutes after taking off the seat belt sign goes off and a little girl probably 6 comes up to me.

"Hi there. What can i do for you?" I ask looking down at her.

"I just wanted to tell you, I-I think you're really pretty." She smiles and looks down at her feet.

"Aw. Well thank you. You're very pretty yourself." I tell her. She smiles. Her mom I assume came up. "I'm sorry about her. She's a big fan of Justin Bieber and you." "It's totally fine." I smile. "Mommy, can I get a picture with Kailey?" she asks. Alexia laughs.

"Oh, honey, I don't think-" "I don't mind." I say. Her mom turns around and smiles. She takes out her phone and tells her daughter to come stand next to me. I bend down a little and put my hands on her shoulders and smile. She takes the picture and puts the phone in her purse. "Thank you." She smiles. I smile. "Thank you Kailey." The little girl says and walks away. I sit back in my seat. "That was so cute." Alexia says. I nodded. "It was. I like it when girls come up to me and actually tell me they like me and nice stuff instead of hateful comments." Alexia nods. "I think that concert thing Justin and I came up with really worked." She said. I nodded in agreement. 

Now for another 2 hour flight to California.

5:45 PM, San Diego, California:

We just got on the plane to Hawaii and the closer we get the more excited I become. All Alexia told me is we are staying for a month in a 5 star resort and that made me jump with excitement! We sat down in our seats on the plane and i texted Justin:

On our way to Hawaii! Last plane ride thank goodness haha. Thank you again for doing this babe. Love you x

I didn't expect him to text back right away seeing as he would be doing a concert or sleeping or something. I shut off my phone and rested my head back on the head rest, looking out the window. It was a 4 hour flight from here. 


2 hours later, we finished our dinner and i was kind of tired. I leaned my chair back and closed my eyes. 

8 PM, Honolulu, Hawaii:

I woke up just in time because we landed in Honolulu at 8 PM. We got off the plane and I could already smell the fresh, salty ocean air. My skin quickly felt moist as we entered the baggage claim. Humidity. It felt nice. I already felt relaxed. I looked around at all the tourists. Most had on beige shorts, with a colorful button up shirt. As we waited for our bags, two young ladies came up to us and put flowers around our neck. "Welcome to Honolulu. We hope you enjoy your stay." One of them smiled. They both walked away after that. I looked at our flower necklaces and smiled. "Nice service." Alexia laughed. Once we found our bags we waited for our ride. 

I saw a sign with our names on it and we walked to the man. "Um, hi. We're Kailey and Alexia." I said. The man turned around and smiled. "Ah. Hello! Welcome to Hawaii!" He said and I could make out a Jamaican accent. "Nice to meet you girls. Let me get your bags." He smiled, picked them up and put them in the trunk. We smiled and thanked him. He opened our door to the limo and we got in. This one was even nicer. Same neon lights and bar but the seats were black leather and a big screen tv on one of the walls. Alexia and I looked at each other in awe. 

We sat down and looked around.

"My name is Steve by the way." Steve said as he started up the limo. "Hi." We both said. We started moving. "So, any particular reason to come to Hawaii?" He asked. "Just to get away." I said. "Well, you've come to da right place." He smiled. "I'll be your chauffeur while you ladies are here." He said. "Really? Great!" Alexia said. 

About 15 minutes later we stop and Steve opens our door and we step out. I look up and it's the biggest, most beautiful hotel I've ever seen. "Welcome, to hotel Waikiki. The finest hotel in Honolulu." Steve gave our bags to a bellhop. "Thank you." We thanked Steve. We followed the bellhop to the lobby and to the front desk where we told them we had a reservation. 

"Ah, welcome Ms. Kailey and Ms. Alexia." The lady at the front desk greeted us after we told her our names. "Mr. Bieber made your reservation and booked the Presidential Suite." She smiled. We smiled and thanked her as we followed the bellhop to the elevator and up to our room. We were on the very top floor because that's where the fancy suites are. Once we got there the bellhop handed us each our own hotel key and he opened the door for us. My mouth literally dropped when we walked inside. It was very very nice.

"Thank you." I told the bellhop. He nodded his head and closed our door, leaving us to explore our new "home" for the next month. We walked into the living room and i was amazed at the living room. It had luscious white couches, a large flat screen tv on the opposite wall, a little kitchen to the right when you enter, and as you walk straight there's two french doors that open and lead out to a balcony and the view of the ocean. Even though it's dark right now, I know the ocean is beautiful. Alexia and I walked around in awe some more. 

"This is the most gorgeous suite I've ever seen." I said. "Yea." Alexia agreed.

I went to the left and found a room. It was a light blue color and the bed spread was a little darker blue, with huge fluffy pillows and two smaller white ones. It was made very nicely. It also had a great view of the ocean. It had it's own bathroom and the shower was one of those where the water came out the ceiling! This. Is. Awesome.

"I've got my room!" I heard Alexia yell. I laughed. "I have mine too!" I yelled.

We switched to see each others rooms. Alexia's had light yellow walls and same like mine except yellow. It wasn't a bad, bright yellow, it was a nice, calm yellow. Like the beach. It was cute. Her bathroom and everything was the same as mine too.

"Isn't this like the coolest hotel ever?!" Alexia asked happily. I nodded. "It is! And it's ours for a whole month!" We hugged each other. By the time we got unpacked and everything it was past  10 and with the time difference, we were exhausted. 

We said goodnight and went to bed. Tomorrow is my first day in Hawaii and I can't even wait!

A/N: I know you're tired of hearing this, but please read my new story Our Little Secret! Thanks so much! It only has like 25 views :/

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