Midnight in Manhattan

Kailey is an 18 year old girl who just moved to New York. Manhattan to be exact. She doesn't know it yet, but she will meet the most famous singer in the world at the most unexpected time, at the most unexpected place. And it will change her life forever.


16. Beach day and Luau


The next morning Alexia and I got up for breakfast and then got ready. I took a shower and put on makeup and lightly curled my hair. i put on some short shorts and a pink flowy top. I grabbed my purse and phone and went out to the living room and saw Alexia on the couch. She looked at me and winked. "Damn girl...." She joked. I flipped my hair. "I know I'm sexy." I laughed. "You're secute." She laughed. We laughed and headed to the elevator to get to the lobby. It was almost 11 when we got outside and started walking to the beach. 

About 10 minutes later, we arrived at the beach. We looked around in awe. "Wow this is awesome!" I said. "Yea seriously!" Alexia agreed. The beach wasn't just a beach, it was like a carnival. You know the beach in The Last Song? It was like that. Games and food stands everywhere. People surfing, kids running around, girls tanning, guys playing frisbee, girls and guys playing volleyball. It looked so fun! "Well c'mon let's go!" Alexia grabbed my arm and pulled me to an empty spot on the sand. We put our blankets down and put up our umbrella and got all set up. Once we were, we sat down and looked around and just talked. Tanned too. I needed to get tan ha. A few minutes later, a tan, blonde haired boy came up to us. Alexia lowered her sunglasses to her nose. "Hello." She said. "Hey there ladies. I just noticed you were alone. Wanted to say hi." He said. "Well hi." I said. "Can i join you?" He asked. "sure." Alexia said. He sat down on her towel. He was pretty cute, but Justin was cuter :)

"So what's your name?" He asked. "I'm Alexia and this is Kailey." Alexia introduced us. He nodded. "I know who she is. You're Justin Bieber's girlfriend." He said. "I am." I nodded. "And you're her best friend." He said looking at Alexia. she giggled. "Yes. No one usually recognizes me." "Well i did." He winked. "Well what's your name? You didn't tell us." I smiled. "Oh yea right. It's Nick." He shook our hands. "Nice to meet you." Alexia smiled. They started talking so i decided to lay down and tan. I put my sunglasses on and closed my eyes. 


An hour or so later we went to get lunch. We got corn dogs and a coke. Nick and Alexia were hitting it off really well. Which made me miss Justin because i wish he was here with me. For the 2 hours we've been here, fans have come up to me and asked for pictures and autographs. Which is still weird for me because i'm not really famous. I guess I'm famous for being Justin Bieber's girlfriend but i don't want to be famous for that reason. I want to be famous for acting. One day. One day...


After a long day at the beach, Alexia and I went back to the hotel to change and get ready for the luau. I was excited. I've never been to one but they look like fun when i see them in movies! Haha. Alexia invited Nick also and she was dressing up a little fancier than normal let's just say. I changed into jeans because i knew being by the beach at night gets chilly. I grabbed my purple hoodie and phone and met Alexia in the living room. When she came out my mouth dropped. She was wearing a skirt with a cropped top. "You know it will be cold by the beach." I told her. "I know." She said and walked to get her purse. "But Nick and I really hit it off and i want to impress him a little." She winked. I laughed and rolled my eyes as we left the room and headed to the lobby where Nick was waiting for us. Or more like, Alexia. I saw Nick's eyes widened a little and I knew that's the kind of reaction she wanted. "You look amazing Alexia." Nick said looking at her. He looked at me and smiled. "You look nice too Kailey." "Thanks." I smiled. We walked out of the hotel and walked to the beach. 

Once there, there were tiki torches lit everywhere and food tables and decorations all around. "This is awesome." I  commented. "Yea." Alexia agreed. We walked around for a little while to past time until the actual luau started. There were jumpy castles set up and tons of games. The same ones as earlier. At 8 the luau started with hula girls. They performed a dance. I have to admit, they were good. I couldn't move my hips like that. After they did 2 dances an announcer came on stage. 

"Aloha everybody!" "Aloha!" We said back. "Welcome to West beach's annual Luau! We have awesome things planned for tonight so stay tuned!" He got off stay and a group of little kids came up. They were Kai O Kahiki halau kids group. (Picture Lilo from Lilo and Stitch. Her hula group).

They were very cute. They performed twice and after them a male group came on and performed their dances. After a few more performances, they turned on music and everyone started dancing. Alexia, Nick and I danced together for a while and then a slow song came on. Alexia and Nick got together and swayed. I got kinda sad and walked to the food table. I grabbed a few grapes and crackers and watched all the couples dance. I saw Nick and Alexia sway and he leaned in and kissed her. "Awwww." I said out loud. It was around 10 and they played a second slow song in a row and I decided to leave because i was getting sad. I told Alexia and she said she'd be there soon.

I got to the hotel and up to our room. I got changed into PJs and washed my face. Once i was ready for bed i got a text from Justin:

Skype in 5 minutes? 

I texted back yes. I got my laptop out and turned on and clicked on Skype. I waited until he was on. I got my phone and got on twitter while i waited. I tweeted:

Skype date with @justinbieber! <3 

I heard the Skype calling ring and my heart started to race. I can't wait to see his face! That sounds weird...

I clicked answer and he popped up. He waved and i did too. He was shirtless with a snapback on. Hot. 

"Hey baby!" He said smiling. "Hi!" I said smiling too. 

""How is my baby girl?" He asked. "Hehe pretty good. Tired though. We had a beach day then a luau i just got back from." I told him. "Sounds fun." He said and looked behind me. "Hey! Stop interrupting me! I'm Skyping Kailey!" Justin yelled behind him. I laughed. "Who was that?" I asked. Then Fredo popped into the screen. "Kailey! Hi!" He said waving. "Hey Fredo! What's up?!" I asked. "Nothing much! Just hanging out. Justin hasn't talked about anything BUT Skyping with you." He laughed. "Dude..." Justin turned away. Probably blushing. Fredo started poking Justin. "I can't wait to Skype Kailey!" "I wish i could see her sooner!" Scooter came into the screen. I started laughing. "Guys! Can you stop?!" Justin yelled at them. Scooter waved at me. "Hey Kailey." "Hey Scooter." I smiled.

"Well I'll talk to you later Kailey! Bye!" Fredo waved and left. I waved bye. Scooter stayed and got Justin under control. I laughed slightly, "Alright. I'll let you two be. Bye Kailey." Scooter waved. "Bye." I said. Justin sat up and smiled. "Well...if there aren't anymore interruption..." He looked around him. "Aw c'mon!!" I heard Ryan yell in the background which made me laugh. Justin turned back to the screen. "Anyways...how was the luau?" 

"It was fun. Until the slow songs came on." I said. "Aw i'm sorry. Wish i was there. We could have shown off." He winked. "How?" I asked laughing a little. "You know....kiss a little.." He smirked. I smiled. "Haha oh yes."

"I miss seeing your beautiful face." He said. "I miss seeing you too." I said. "A few more we-months." He corrected himself. I looked at him. "I just messed up on times." He laughed. "I don't know if you want to see me right now. I look horrible. No makeup or anything." I told him. "But i love it when you don't wear makeup." He pouted. I laughed. "I know. I'm kidding. I just miss you." "I miss you too babe."

"Justin! Get to bed!" I heard a female voice. "Is your mom with you?" I asked. He nodded. "She came for a week or so. Hey mom, come say hi to Kailey!" Justin yelled behind him. Pattie came up a few seconds later. "Hello Kailey!" "Hi! I'm glad you're with Justin. He needs female guidance." I laughed. "Haha i know. That's why i'm here. Can't wait to see you soon." She smiled. "Me too!" "Well i'm going to bed. And you should to honey." Pattie said to Justin. "Ok mom. Night." She left. "Well i gotta go. We'll do this soon." I nodded. "Love you Kailey." He blew me a kiss and made a heart with his hands. I did too. "Love you too." We waved and ended our call. It was nice to see Justin. But it isn't the same as in person.    


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