Midnight in Manhattan

Kailey is an 18 year old girl who just moved to New York. Manhattan to be exact. She doesn't know it yet, but she will meet the most famous singer in the world at the most unexpected time, at the most unexpected place. And it will change her life forever.


15. Aloha!


Next day 8am:

"Kailey wake up!! Wake up!" My bed starts to bounce. I groaned. "KAILEY." I heard Alexia yell. "WHAT???" I finally turned over and opened my eyes. "Get up, get dressed! We are going to breakfast then it's a SPA day!!" Alexia sang. I laughed. I got out of bed and got dressed in my Pink sweats and put my hair in a pony tail. I put on some blush so my cheeks had color. I mean, I'm from Colorado, I'm not super tan like Hawaiian people.

I meet Alexia in living room and we head to the lobby where they serve free breakfast. We get pancakes, waffles, french toast, bacon, eggs, coffee, juice, muffins, oatmeal. Everything for breakfast you can think of, we got. jet lag was setting in so we were starving. Once done with breakfast, we go back to our room to freshen up. After that, we head back to the lobby where two young ladies were waiting for us. "Kailey and Alexia?" One asks. We nod. "This way please." We follow them to, what must be, the SPA area. Our mouths dropped when we saw it. It was amazing. Beautiful. When you entered you smelled ocean air mixed with fresh water. It smelt good. In the lobby, there was running water running down into a little pool. "Down the hall is a locker room where you will change into your robes and put on flip flops. Once you are down you can relax in the hot tub." The lady said. We nodded. We went to the locker room and changed into our bathing suits, put on the nice fluffy pink robes and flip flops and headed to the hot tub. We walked into a room FILLED with hot tubs. We picked a random one and inched our way in. It was hot, but once in, it was amazing. And felt amazing. And relaxing. 

A few minutes later, an attendant came by with water and they had fancy little straws and those little umbrellas. "I could get use to this.." Alexia said taking a sip of water and inching her neck in the water. I laughed taking a sip. "Yea, me too." 

About 15 minutes later, a young woman came by and told us our rooms were ready. We got out and put our robes on and followed her into a darkened room that was open and had a view of the ocean. There were candles lit and it made the room smell nice. We were told to unclip the back of our swim suits and lay on the table. We did and i lay my head on the soft pillow. A few moments passed and two young men came in and started rubbing our backs. It was painful but a good painful. If I could live like this all the time...I would.


After our massages, we were taken into a little cafe outside by the beach. The tables were like cafe tables and we were on a patio right by the ocean. It was amazing. We waited for our lunch to come. I looked out to the ocean and took it all in. I wanted to make sure it wasn't a dream. "Kailey." I turned my head and two plates were in front of me. One had a delicious looking salad on it and the other had two pieces of bread. It was that kind of garlic flat bread you get at certain restaurants. We got sparkling cider to go along with it. "This is so nice." I commented. "Yea." Alexia agreed. 

After lunch, we had our manicures and pedicures. Today was like every girls dream SPA day. 

Once our toes and nails were done we went back to the hotel to change and get some dinner. It was around 6. I put on some makeup and put on my light pink wedges with a floral skirt and a nice light green tank top. I grabbed my purse and phone and met up with Alexia in the lobby. 

"So, where are we going?" I asked walking out of the hotel. 

"A nice little place i saw on our way here. Figured we could try it out, It's a 10 minute walk." I nodded and we started walking. We got into the little town of Waikiki. It was really cute. All the towns people and tourists. Wish i could live here. We got to the little cafe place. Most of it was outside and i didn't mind. The sun was about to set and it was really beautiful. We split a huge chicken salad and got chocolate cake as dessert. As we walked into the hotel there was a sign that said:

Annual Waikiki Luau! 7pm! West coast beach!

"We should go!" I told Alexia. She nodded. "Sounds fun!" We laughed and went to our room and got ready for bed. 

As I was getting into bed my phone rang and it played Boyfriend. Justin's calling! I picked it up right away. "Hey stranger." I laughed. 

"Hey babe! Sorry I haven't talked to you, it's been crazy! Shows and interviews and all that." Justin said. I laughed. "It's ok. I'm just happy to hear your voice." I smiled. 

"Me too. So how are you liking Hawaii?" He asked. "Love it! Thank you so much! I can't thank you enough." 

"It's no problem. Figured you needed it." He said. I nodded. "What did you do today? Your first day in paradise." Justin asked. "SPA day." I smiled looking at my toes which were a light purple with a flower they put on my big toes. 

"Sounds fun?" He questioned. I laughed. "Boys wouldn't understand." "I know. I just hope you're having a good time." 

"I am. WE are. Thanks again Justin. Means a lot." "Anything to make my girl happy." He said. I smiled. I liked the sound of "my girl" 

"Well Scooter wants me to go so I'll text you when i can and we can Skype tomorrow ok?" "Ok. Sounds good." :Love you baby." "Love you too Justin." I smiled and hung up. It was nice to finally hear his voice. But it isn't the same face to face. Stop Kailey! You're here to get your mind OFF of Justin. Time to sleep and have another great day tomorrow!

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