Midnight in Manhattan

Kailey is an 18 year old girl who just moved to New York. Manhattan to be exact. She doesn't know it yet, but she will meet the most famous singer in the world at the most unexpected time, at the most unexpected place. And it will change her life forever.


24. Accident


Let's go! We have to move!" Scooter yelled. "It would be helpful if YOU helped!" Justin huffed trying to keep hold of a big box full of stage equipment."I have to make sure we have everything. Now let's go everyone! We don't have all day! We have to be in Rhode Island TONIGHT!" We all sighed in frustration as we picked up boxes and moved them into the truck that carried all the stage stuff.

Once we were done packing everything up, we got on the tour bus and headed out. I was invited to go on tour with Justin for a little while. Considering what it was like before. Justin had to beg Scooter but he eventually agreed.

Luckily, Rhode Island wasn't too far away so 5 hours later we arrived in Providence. We all piled out of the bus and checked into the hotel. No fans have showed up yet, but once the word gets out, I'm sure fans will start to wait outside. It's weird that when I wasn't with Justin, I would get asked for autographs and pictures. I mean, I'm not that famous. Well, I guess in retrospect i am but to me? Not really. I'm just Justin's girlfriend, who loves him for him and wouldn't do anything to hurt him. 

Justin led me to our room in the hotel suite and we put our stuff down. I unzipped my suitcase to grab a hoodie. It was kind of chilly here since we were closer to the ocean. 

I felt arms wrap around my waist and i smiled automatically. I turned around and Justin pushed me against a wall and kissed me, our lips fitting perfectly together. His lips were so soft and warm. I never wanted to stop kissing him. Eventually, he pulled away and smiled.

"I wanted to do that for a while but the team was with us." He laughed. I laughed too. "Wanna go for a ride to the town? I heard it's small and cute." He smiled. "You brought one of your cars?" I asked. He nodded. "Yep. I told Scooter i wanted to bring one so we could drive around." He grabbed my hand and we headed down to the lobby. We got outside and saw his sliver Fisker which he HAD painted sliver or chrome so paparazzi couldn't take pictures. It's reflective so when they take a picture, all they see is themselves. Haha suckers.

Kenny stopped us though. "Where are you two going in such a hurry?" He asked. "We wanted to go for a ride before fans and paparazzi figure out we're here." Justin told him. He thought for a second then nodded. "Ok, but be careful. Drivers around here can be crazy." We nodded and headed to his car. Justin opened my door for me and i got in. He got in the drivers seat and we headed to town.


"This place is so cute!" I commented looking out the window at the town. It was a small cute little town. A lot of the shops were older and looked more antique and everyone knew everyone. It was smaller then Justin's town.

We stopped at a stop light and watched people cross the street. Justin inched his way out of the intersection so he could see when he could go. I saw a car coming and it wasn't slowing down.

"Justin! Watch out!" I yelled. He tried to move the car in time but it was too late. The car slammed into us and we went rolling.


I fluttered my eyes open and i was still upside down. I must've blacked out. I looked around and tried to move but pain shot through my body. I couldn't move without pain. My head started to hurt. I looked around and saw Justin on the ground. He wasn't in his seat. "Justin..?" I asked. He didn't move. I started to panic. "Justin??" I asked again. Nothing. Just then a bright light shined through and i heard voice. "They're under here!" Then paramedics, i assume, started to move the car a little to get to us. I winced in pain. "Justin!? Please! Please wake up!" I lightly yelled. I felt an arm reach for me. "No! NO! I've got to stay with him!" I refused. They got me out and i saw the car being removed. Then i saw Justin is full light. Blood was everywhere. He lay motionless on the ground. Paramedics went to assist him and some started to pick me up but i fought against them. "No!! No please! I NEED to stay with him!" I yelled starting to cry. "You need to get to the hospital. Justin will be fine." One of the paramedics said calmly. "No you don't understand! He's my boyfriend! Please!!" I cried and continued to fight them. "Justin please!!" I cried. I saw them assisting him and then they got into a panic. "We need a defibrillator NOW!" One yelled. A few seconds later another paramedic runs to him and they place two flat plates on his chest. "Ready...Clear!!" "NO!! JUSTIN!" I cried and yelled.  I felt a sharp pain in my arm and i quickly started to relax. "Please stay with me...I need you..I love you.."

Then everything went black.  


I heard voices and I flickered my eyes open. I opened them for a second but closed them, due to heaviness. "Kailey..?" I heard a voice. I opened my eyes again and this time i could keep them open. I looked around the bright, pastel colored room. I was in the hospital. "Kailey?" I looked over and saw Alexia standing next to my bed. Her face filled with relief. "Oh thank goodness you're alright!" She said. "Wha-what happened?" I asked. She looked down at her hands. "You and Justin were in a car accident. The car got hit and rolled over twice. You only have a few injuries." She told me. It was all coming back to me now. The oncoming car. Us getting hit. Me watching Justin get revived. 

I narrowed my eyes. I touched my head and winced. "Ow.." I said. I looked at my body and i had bruises and cuts all over. My head hurt and i moved my feet and my left ankle hurt. "You have a slight concussion and your left ankle is broken." Alexia told me. I looked at my right hand, covered in IVs. "Where's Justin? Is he ok?" I asked. She once again looked down. She looked back up with watery eyes. Oh no. "Justin got hit the worst. He flew through the windshield and got a pretty bad concussion. He has deep wounds and..." she trailed off. "And..?" I asked anxiously. "He's in a coma.." She said quietly. 

I felt my eyes start to water. I looked down at my hands and i felt tears stream down my face. "Oh Kailey.." Alexia said coming over to me and hugging me. We both cried. 

I felt like my world has crashed down on me...I could loose the person I love..

A/N: Oh no! :( Justin's in a coma and Kailey's badly hurt! What's going to happen next?? Please comment! xx

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