Midnight in Manhattan

Kailey is an 18 year old girl who just moved to New York. Manhattan to be exact. She doesn't know it yet, but she will meet the most famous singer in the world at the most unexpected time, at the most unexpected place. And it will change her life forever.


34. A little surprise

A/N: Before you read, this story is NOT ending but it will end SOON. It's getting hard for me to come up with new plots and all that. But don't worry, it won't end until probably part 40 or so! BUT THEN I have a BRAND NEW story after that planned! I'm just full of ideas lol so that's it! 


I woke up with Justin's back toward me. I smiled when I heard soft snoring. He's so cute when he's sleeping. I look at my phone and realize it's 8am. Shoot. I wasn't suppose to sleep with Justin while his family is here. I quietly get out of his bed and walk to my room. I hop into my bed and pretend to be asleep when I hear footsteps outside my door. The door opens and Jazzy comes in. I sit up and smiled. 

"Hey there, Jazzy. What're you doing in here?" She came over to my bed and climbed up. 

She had her My Little Pony PJs on. "I always wake up before everyone. I wake up Jaxon first then usually Justin." She told me. I nodded. "You wanna do something funny?" I asked her. She got wide eyed and nodded. "Yea! What?" 

'Let's go wake up your brother but in a more...fun way." She nodded in approval. I told her my plan and she agreed. Ah 5 year olds are so cute.

Jazzy went downstairs to get a bottle of water like i told her and she came up and i was waiting outside Justin's room. "Alright, we will both go in and you're going to jump on his bed when i tell you to then I'll pour the water on his head ok?" I said. She nodded while smiling. 

I opened his door and he was sound asleep. Aw he looked so peaceful though....eh. This is worth it. 

Jazmyn went on the other side of his bed and climbed on it. I nodded telling her to start jumping. 

"Justin wake up! Justy wake up!" She yelled quietly. Justin turned over and lifted his head slightly when i poured the water on his head. He screamed and got out of bed. 

"What the heck?!" He yelled. I laughed at him and dropped the water bottle. "You think this is funny???" He asked. I nodded. "Yes. It's VERY funny!" he glared at me but he looked over at Jazzy who was on the bed giggling. Justin went over to her, picked her up and tickled her. "You think this is funny huh??" He asked her while tickling her. She nodded and laughed. He her spun around and put her down. "Get outta here my little princess." He chased her out and she ran out laughing. 

Justin looked at me with a fake glare. His wet hair making drops of water stream down his face. 

"You wanna hug?" He asked walking over to me. I shook my head. "No i'm good. No Justin! No don't-ah! That's cold! You're getting me wet!" I tried to wiggle out of his grasp. My shirt started to get wet since his chest was wet. 

"Haha payback." He smirked out me. "What kind of payback is that?"  asked crossing my arms. 

"Don't worry. I'll give you "payback" tonight." He winked 

"You know we can't do anything like that HERE." I looked around. Justin brought my chin up to his mouth and kissed me. "I was gonna tell you later but...." He trailed off. "Tell me what..?" I asked hesitantly. "I convinced my parents while you were gone for us to stay a few nights at the hotel in town and they said yes. So for 4 days, you and me. That's it." He brought me closer to him and kissed me. 

"Really?! That's so sweet! When do we leave?" I asked. "This afternoon after we eat and get ready. So get packed and get ready, and we'll go."   

I skipped away happily. 


"Alright, you have everything?" Patte asked us. We nodded. "Yep. Thank you." I smiled. "Thanks mom." Justin hugged her. "I don't want to hear of any trouble from you too!" Jeremy joked. We all laughed. Jazzy and Jaxon hugged us. "We'll only be gone for a few days. We'll be back." I told them. "We'll miss you anyway." Jazzy said. We hugged one last time and left, getting into Justin's car. 

4 days all by ourselves. If ya know what I mean ;)

We got to the hotel in a short 10 minutes and got out. The hotel workers came right to us and opened our doors and took our bags. Damn this hotel was a lot nicer than i thought it'd be. They took the car to park it and we went inside to check in. 

"Ah, Mr. Bieber, we have you in our Presidential Suite." The front desk guy said. 

"Perfect." Justin said and squeezed my hand which made me giggle. He gave us our room key and we went in the elevator to get to the top level. Once there we got into our room and my mouth dropped. 

"Get us a more fancier room Justin?" I asked sarcastically. "I figured i would because we'll be in here a lot.." He whispered seductively which made shivers go down my back. We unpacked a little and then decided to eat in. It was close to dinner time so we ordered dinner. 


That night, I took a shower and when i got out, with a towel around me, Justin was right outside the door. 

"Oh jeez Justin! Don't scare me like that." I slapped him lightly. He then pushed me against the door and kissed me roughly but passionately. Our kissing turned into a make out session. Justin led me to his room and he got on top of me and ripped my towel off of me. 

"Be prepared for a long tiring night babe.." He whispered in my ear. 


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